Jihadist book Mammal knife explosive recovered Four members of Allahabad team detained in Satkania


Chittagong bureau: During the roam of Satkania in suspicious areas, local activists of four groups of ‘Allah’s party’ were arrested and handed over to police. Later, the confessions of the detainees were searched and searched jihadist books, handwritten documents, machete, knives, explosives and electronic items in a rented house in Lohagara. They were detained from Mithadighi Bazar area of ​​Chhadaha union on Sunday night. On Monday night, under an explosive law at Satkania police station the case has been filed. Satkania Police Station sources said the local residents are suspected to have seen some unknown strangers in Mithadighi Bazar area of ​​Chadaha union of the upazila on Monday night. After arresting 4 youths, they arrested the police and took them to the police station. At that time, two more youths escaped with the detainees escaped. The arrestees are Aminul Islam, 29, son of Abdul Jalil, of Ward Choukir, 1, municipality of Sadarthana of Natore district, Abu Taher alias Rafiq, son of RafiqMeikar of Ward Corona area of ​​Paharganjthana of Pirganj Police Station in Thakurgaon district. Samshad (25), ZiabulKarim, 23, son of Ramjan Ali of Rangamahal area, 9 in Dokhajara union under Chakaria of Cox’s Bazar and 23 in Kokara union of Karkara union of the same police station. Shafi’s son Saiful Islam (26) Meanwhile, another associate of the arrestees, son of deceased ShafarMullu, son of Bakkapara 2 of Battua Union of Chakaria, Cox’s Bazar, was arrested. Ashaab (25) and 7th ward of Shadhaa Union of Satkania, son of Miah of Majharpara area. Tareq (18) fled. During the arrest, there are three red-colored scottettes wrapped in ammunul Islam’s handbag, and a letter written in white paper jihadist papers in the shirt pockets of Shamshed National Ship. Later, in the interrogation, they were found at Amirabad in Amberabad and Samshad in the city of Lohagara in search of the controversial papers, a machete, 2 knives, 2 liter petrol, a few bottles of bottles, ribbons and electric materials including circuits and circuits.In the interrogation of the police, Satkania, Lohagara and Chakaria unit chiefAminul Islam told reporters, “Through this organization, we propagate the teachings of Allah-Rasool and incorporate them into our group by telling people about this.” We do not work outside any Qur’an.Besides, while taking photographs, Aminul looked at a police officer and said, Sir, you have done many good things by arresting us. We do not have to come to Satkania.Satkania Police Station Officer-in-Charge Md. RafiqulHossain said that ‘Jihad Party’ like ‘Jihad’ is also considered to be a militant group. Initial interrogation, they have been known to believe in the ideology of a person named Matin Mehdi. In front of the upcoming parliamentary elections, they used to sit in the area around Satkania and Lohagaraas and try to include various people including their ideology for their ideals for a while. Jihadi books and controversial papers have found evidence of their efforts to establish their ideals. In the interrogation, he further said that they were active in different parliamentary elections to perform various types of sabotage in SatkaniaLohagara. In their interrogation, a search of a house in Amirabad was recovered from explosive goods, knives, machete and electronic material. They are being verified whether the workers or members of any banned political party. They were handed over to the court today (Tuesday).Additional Superintendent of Satkania Circle, Hasanuzzaman said they are members of blacklisted organization. Secretly gathering members for religious reasons and causing various subversive acts against the state. Basically they seem like a JMB organization. Responding to a question, he said that the detention of the detainees and the arrest of the absconding members took the time to conduct the operation and was not presented in the media the next day after their arrest.


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