A different festival in Andarkilla about the parliamentary elections On the order started Press shop waitingfor made of poster and leaflet


Chittagong bureau: One of the important events of the country is the national election. In other elections, there are some people in different parts of the country, but the effect of the national elections in all areas. One of the main areas is printing. While the other times of the year are busy in various activities, the figure of printing business in the election times is classic a printing press, ready to make an election poster, sticker, banner. Despite the slightest recession due to not taking part in the BNP’s one-party political party in the last election, the printing press owners hoped for good business with the participation of all the candidates this year.During this year’s end, the New Year’s Diary is just too busy to print the calendar; Not just the new year’s diary, as well as the new edition of the publication book, along with the wedding and other festivals during the November-December winter season are also more. For this reason there are additional pressures in printing presses. But this year, with the issue of national elections being associated with these things, the printing presses are already ready. Considering the demand, we have already collected various materials including paper and ink. Besides poster binding cotton, packet, polythene etc. have been collected. Besides, the printing machine parts are being repaired.Meanwhile, the major political parties in the country have confirmed their nomination. Even though there is no order or quotation of posters or leaflets, designers of different candidates are being prepared even though the press owners say. They will go to the production since next Saturday, said. Yesterday morning the printing press in the cityThe main center of the business, Andarkilla, has been talking to different traders at the Presspara in Rajapukur Lane area. Businessmen said they have completed preparatory preparations for the election posters, banners. In some places bidding is going on in order to create posters. This year the cost of poster has been three taka. Traders said that in general election candidates usually publish at least one lakh posters. Many people print more than that. As such, printing posters in this election might be a good profit. Mamunul Islam, proprietor of Haji Papers Press of Rajapukur Lane, said, “Although the BNP did not participate in the election in 2014, many independent candidates took part in the election. In this election, candidates of the party and alliance, as well as independent candidates in many seats are standing. With the possibility of participation in all the elections in the election, it is expected that the transaction will be good in the print sector. We have made the highest preparation for printing posters on election day. The cost of the paper is a bit higher because of the cost we have increased. I have already stocked 1 thousand rim (1 in 1 rim poster is 1 thousand) paper for my own press. Have more paper order. More paper will come when the production begins. He said to Muslim times , ‘Even if we do not order, we are creating poster-banner design for many candidates. We will start working full time after the symbol allocation. ‘He worked in the press para beside Geo Building a printing press. Sabbir. He said, ‘A month ago, I had worked to make cashmere, visiting cards of different shops. The leader posters and stickers for the next election will be made. I hope to earn some extra money even though the work pressure increases.There are 500 printing presses in the citynow hoping that the printing presses of Chittagong will be worth Tk 100 crore to print election brochures, President of the Andherkilla Business Council KalyanParishad Abu HelalShakil.Mohammad Ayub, Acting General Secretary of Chittagong Press Malik Association, said, “There are 174 registered newspapers in the city. Apart from this, there are more than one and a half hundred registered. Candidate nominations and symbols allocated in the printing presses will be ready for the poster-leaflet preparation campaign. “He also said,” The number of candidates who print their brochures in the Election Commission is actually a few times more print than that. Candidates of big parties print more leaflets. But one of our printers could create more than 1 thousand posters per hour. As a result of the pressure, there seems to be a problem.


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