The grand alliance is waiting for ObaidulQuader’s claim to be published for technical reasons


Staff reporter: Awami League General Secretary ObaidulQuader has said that technical issues are being taken to publish the list of nominated alliance and grand alliance candidates for the Eleventh Parliamentary elections. He said, “In view of the overall situation, I will publish the list of alliance and grand alliance after scrutiny.” He said this at a press conference at the Awami League’s political office in Dhanmondi yesterday. ObaidulQuader said on Sunday that on Sunday we will publish the list of alliance and grand alliance candidates on Monday. But I’m sorry to tell, we’ve changed the decision for some strategic and technical reasons. Considering the overall situation, after the scrutiny (scrutiny), the alliance and the grand alliance will publish the list.The alliance partners will publish their list of candidates, Kader said, “We have some issues in our strategic consideration.” We will consider and evaluate all. In some places, the nomination letter has been given for double candidates. Now they will submit nomination papers. Then we will survey the field level, who is popular. Someone else can become debt-free after submitting nomination papers. So we will publish the list by checking everything, so that there is no misunderstanding with the partners. However, the general secretary of the Awami League reiterated that more than 70 seats will not be given for alliance partners. He said no more than 70 seats will be given in the grand alliance. They said that they will get a bigger discount as the Jatiya Party is a bigger partner.Kader said, “We have given a list of nomination candidates by the party. It’s not done for the press. The media has disclosed the names of many candidates whom we did not send letters or whose names are not on the list. This has created a confusing situation for us. This is also a shame for you. The candidate who has not received nomination has also been named in the television screen. If you do not have a name, but if it goes to the TV screen, then how does it look, who has asked journalists?Asked about the incident or conflict in some areas after giving the letter of nomination to the candidates, the general secretary said that Awami League is a huge family. Many may have long dreamed of being MPs. It is very normal; there is a lot of anger in a family. But hope this is not going to be very massive now.Asked whether the list of candidates will be changed for Awami League’s nomination due to the alliance and grand alliance, Kader said, “We will not nominate anybody outside of the letters given to us.” If any of them is more qualified, then we will set it up with our candidates. He said that nomination of 45 new faces from the party was a surprise, he said.Asked about his nomination for his father AtaurRahman instead of AbdurRahmanBadi instead of his wife ShahinaAkhterChowdhury and TangailAmanurRahman Khan Rana, ObaidulQuader said, what is the crime of Badi’s wife? Will his wife be the culprit due to Bodi? What is the fault of his children? Controversy is there, so we have not nominated on the side. Rana’s father AtaurRahman Khan was nominated in Tangail. He made the Awami League lifetime. Now his son is in jail. Whether he is a murderer, it is not yet proved in court. In this situation, we can not nominate him. We avoided the debate without having him. Despite such debate, Badi and Rana are ahead in seven opinion polls. Yet we did not nominate them.He said that 65 to 70 seats will be given to the partners with understanding, he said, not to share monkey cake in the name of nomination. Jatiya Party, 14 parties, united front, all will be given the eligible candidates to win. Candidates who get victory in acceptable and popular elections to the public will be nominated. Asked to declare the candidates for the final list of candidates, whether they are looking at the declaration of the national unity front, BNP said, “We do not think so. I do not want to be behind my opponent’s strategy. Election strategies can not be ignored in any way. The election will be competitive. Responding to a question that has been given to the nomination letter to some, she said, “We have given a message to 231 people.” There are also two seats.When the Awami League leader and former state minister for Awami League government Prof Abu Sayeed and other Awami League leaders got involved in joining the Ganoforma, the Awami League general secretary said, we do not have these issues. Our popularity in Bangladesh has not increased. Our leader (Sheikh Hasina) is at the top of popularity. Now we have nominated based on the survey. Revolt means expulsion.Among others, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Private Sector Advisor Salman F Rahman, Joint General Secretary of the Awami League MahbubulAlamHanif, Organizing Secretary MahibulHasanChowdhuryNaoufel, office secretary AbdusSobhanGolap, science and technology affairs secretary AbdusSabur, sub-section editorBiplobBarua, Executive member Raymond Arang, MarufaAktherPoppi others.


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