Rizvi’s obvious violation of the election code of conduct At the press conferenceDr .Hasan Mahmud


Chittagong bureau: Awami League Publicity Secretary Dr.Hasan Mahmud commented that BNP leaders are clearly violating election code of conduct by spreading falsehood and propaganda against senior officials of the government. Hasan Mahmud said He made the remark while interacting with the journalists at the DewanjiPukur residence in the city on Monday. He said that he has been nominated as the Awami League candidate for the last two years. TariqueRahman is the chief ,The leader of the all-unit front  including Kamal Hossain, Hasan Mahmud said,”It is in the newspapers that TariqueRahman will decide the final, who will be nominated by the BNP, and even finalize the final list of the unity front.” It is understood from Dr. TareqRahman is above Kamal Hossain That is Dr. Kamal Hossain, MahmudurRahman Manna, ASM Rabash and others who are in the united front, all the leaders TariqueRahman Because it’s the final one.Dr. Hasan said BNP senior joint secretary general RuhulKabirRizvi Ahmed has been making false statements one after the other Clear violation of these electoral codes of conduct. He talked about a fabricated meeting of government officials to mislead the public. Where the Secretary of the Prime Minister, the APS, the Public Administration Secretary, and even the Secretary of the Election Commission got involved already the protesters have been protested. The lawyer’s notice was sent. Indeed, Rizvi Ahmed’s job is to lie on a press conference every day, propaganda spread.He said, “Election rules say that propaganda cannot be spread against any candidate or in any case. But the government’s highest level secretaries have been looted. He urged the Election Commission to take action against Rizvi Ahmed and BNP for violating propaganda code of conduct.Hasan Mahmud raises questions about which conviction, life imprisonment, and 10 years convicted TariqueRahman for their corruption, interviewed candidates, nominees?Regarding party nomination Hasan Mahmud said,Awami League nomination has been given based on the outcome of the survey for two years. Many of us were antagonistic nominees. There is an average of 13 people on each seat. In case of nomination, there was a key point of ‘possibility of victory’. In the past, all the leaders of our party have been nominated, who have been nominated, have been boats, have worked for them, they will work again.


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