Cox’s Bazar seat-3 (Cox’s Bazar Sadar-Ramu) is the ticket of the boat to Kamal


staff reporter:Finally, the boat ticket was given to Cemet Bazar-3 (Cox’s Bazar Sadar-Ramu) constituency MP SaimumSarwar Kamal. On Sunday, he came to discuss the issue of protests and planting bananas in supporters of the country. The letter, signed by party president Sheikh Hasina, was handed over to Awami League office on Monday at Bangabandhu Avenue office in Dhaka. At 1:40 pm, on the Facebook page of the MP Kamal’s Facebook page, posted a picture of the nomination letter, finally we won;Ramu was born in KamleshBhaban of Cox’s Bazar.On Monday morning, activists and supporters of human chain in RamuChoumohani Square demanded nomination for nomination. Earlier on Sunday night, Kamal nominated the protesters and planted banana trees in different places of Cox’s Bazar and Ramu protested activists and supporters.The party sources said, at 3pm on Monday, Kamal’s supporters gathered at Cox’s Bazar and Ramu procession to prepare for the procession and its closest people. Abu Bakar, known as Kamal’s personal assistant, coordinated the whole process. The human chain of the morning is also organized under his supervision. At around noon, activists of the activists were rejoicing in the news of Kamal’s nomination.On Sunday, three of the four parliamentary constituencies of Cox’s Bazar were finalized. ChakariaUpazilaParishad Chairman and UpazilaAwami League President ZafarAlam received the letter of nomination from Cox’s Bazar-1 (Chakaria-Pekua) seat. In the constituency of Cox’s Bazar-2 (Maheshkhali-Kutubdia), the current nomination was given to the present government’s party MP AsheelUllahRafique and Cox’s Bazar-4 (Ukiah-Teknaf) constituency, AbdurRahmanBadi’s wife ShahinAkhtarChowdhury.However, the party’s nomination letter was not issued in the name of any Awami League nominee on Sunday in Cox’s Bazar Sadar-Ramu constituency known as the most important seat of the district. Jain candidate JiaUddin Ahmed Bablu, one of the alliance partners of Awami League-led Grand Alliance, heard the buzz about the nomination day. In some media, Awami League MP SaimumSarwar Kamal has been nominated for this seat. Again, some media said Ziauddin Ahmed Bablu has been nominated. Curiosity throughout the day was around the people in the area.


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