Sitakunda is famous for Shim in the country now the possibility of producing 60 thousand tones



Chittagong bureau:
Sitakunda is famous for Shim in the country in this season large quantities of beans are exported to this country. In this we benefit farmers. Basically the income of the sale of beans comes to the financial well-being of many farmers. Because of this we have a lot of dreams about bean..
Sitakunda farmer said that a large quantity of bean is cultivated throughout Sitakunda. Where you go from sea to east to sea level, you will see only beans and beans. Wherever the soil of the area is where the bean seeds fall, there will be beautiful beans and bumper yield! Therefore, we also give special importance to the beans while cultivating all other types of crops and vegetables. Farmer Ali Hossain has planted bean in 80 centuries. In Bhadra month, about 50 thousand taka has been spent on seed production, fertilizer, and pesticide and labor wages. He said, I have not sat at any time since planting the seed. I have worked tirelessly. Of course, the benefits have started to come. Already beep we have sold some. So far 30 thousand pieces of beans have been sold. Local bean mass season here in December and January. At least Tk 2 lakh bean beans will be sold at this time. Almost the same thing said the farmer of Eakubnagar Sheikhpara village of municipality Nuruzhofa He said, like the other year; I have a lot of hope with beans. We planted bean seeds on 40th century land in Vadramas. Bamboo wickers, labor wages, fertilizer-pesticides and another 25 thousand taka have been spent on land.
The farmer said, the beans in other parts of the country came a little earlier. Due to the cultivation of other crops in our agricultural land here, we later planted bean. As a result crops are also produced after some time. Since November a little bit of beans came in the market but local beans are available in full swing from December. Now the bean is rising. Various beans are produced here. One of them is the knife bean, leeta bean, bata shim and kartikoda etc. But most of the cultivation is the knife and lemon rice bean. These beans are as interesting as watching and also delicious to eat. As a result, the demand is widespread. So we have a great benefit in cultivating beans. Now, the local beans are sold at Tk 40-50 per kg. Initially, 150 rupees were sold in kilo. He said that he would sell lakhs of bean beans from his land this time. Farmers also said that the people of different regions of the country, including Dhaka-Chittagong-Comilla-Noakhali, were sold from Sitakunda by the Empire and bought and sold the tray on the truck. They are also exporting the beans in this region in Europe and America and earn huge foreign currency in the country. At the same time, the farmers of Sitaku-Market agreed with these statements. Alauddin He said that the sight of Sitakunda bean is known only. Its color, size is different from the outer beans. Not only the locals, the outside whites are very much like this bean. As a result, we sell lots of beans every day. From January-February, bean and bean seeds are sold here. The farmers earn lakhs of taka in this season. We also earn a lot of money from the bean. Assistant agricultural officer of Terial Block of the upazila, Piagas Kanti Chowdhury said, Sitakunda is a vegetable farmer. And among the vegetables, bean is famous. So farmers have many dreams about this bean. There is a large amount of bean plantation here. The yield has also been good. As a result, he feels that everyone will benefit.
Upazila Agriculture Officer Safakat Riyad said that in the last year, about 18 thousand 500 farmers in different areas of 2500 hectares had cultivated different varieties of beans. Despite the increase in the number of farmers due to fall in cultivation in the current season, the production of beans is in the 3,000 hectares of land. He further said, “Our idea is to produce 60 thousand tones of bean from here till the end of the production of bean. Whose market value is more than Tk 100 billion?


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