Community clinics under Rowangchari: the complainant has been accused of using low-quality goods and Rubbish roofing cast! Doing this work


Chittagong reporter:
Building a community clinic at Paglachhra Para of Raghangchari upazila of Bandarban, the complainant has been accused of using high-quality goods and concrete instead of concrete. It did not last forever, and the danger of collapsing within a few days was seen in the neighborhood. Complaint has been done by contractor Liquid doing his work.
According to the sources, about 17 lakh taka of the project from the Health Ministry for the construction of Community Clinic of Paglachara Para gets contractor Liaquat. Community Clinics are being set up to provide healthcare services to the doorstep of the Prime Minister as part of 10 special branding initiatives in every remote area. After many years, the work of building a community clinic building in the remote pagalachara-para started this year. The roof of the community clinic building has already been built. However, instead of concrete, Ravish (powdered emulsion from the original concrete), which is not used in construction, is used in roof molding. Based on the complaints received from the locals, visiting the Pagalachara Community Clinic, it is known that despite the use of high concrete concrete use on the roof of the community clinic building, it has been utilized. Used on the wall of the original building, the quality of the brick-cement is used. There is also the possibility of collapsing the walls. Locals warned about the collapse of the wall at any time and the danger of a tragic occurrence. The Marma, Tripura, Brahma, Khiang, Khumi, Bam and Tanchanga of the people of communities in the mad areas. There is a great disappointment among the local residents due to this dangerous construction structure of the area’s only community clinic building. Despite obstruction and protests against the use of low quality materials during roof molding, contractors and mechanists used to replace concrete instead of concrete in the presence of an engineer. Such allegations are local SR Ranjan Tanchanga, Vijay Tanchanga and Gopal Tanchanga. They complained that using contractor’s contract with engineers, using quality goods while building the roof. Many times the request was made for closing, but the contractor did not take it. Later the engineer came and changed some rubbish. They said they had seen water from the roof in the rain in the last few days. Construction worker Md. Abdul Kuddus said, “We are working as the contractor concern. Contractor told us on the phone, he acknowledged allegations of using quality products and said that the work was being done in accordance with the schedule. The roof has already been cast. But there was a slight problem. The water washed from some part of the roofed roof. Additional director of the Department of Additional Health Officer of Bandarban When contacted, Morshed said that he was not at the time when he built a community clinic. Later, the assistant was given the responsibility. There may be some problems in the process of roofing. If not correct then re-cast Rohinghari Health Complex Officer Dr. Asked about the work at Manglapru Marma, he said the clinic still has not been handed over to us.


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