Chittagong-4 Sitakura-seat was re-elected as the current MP Alhaj Didarul Alam



Chittagong bureau:
Chittagong-4 Sitakura-seat was re-elected as the current MP Alhaj Didarul Alam. He officially accepted nomination papers on Sunday (Sunday). Meanwhile, after the uncertainty of nomination for several days, his supporters came to the festivities after reaching the news area of ​​his nomination yesterday. In the social media, the tide of praise begins. However, MP Didar thanked the Honorable Prime Minister for giving the nomination. According to the sources, Chittagong-4 Sitakundu parliamentary seats are now in the 17 nominees for the league’s nomination papers. However Over the last few days, there were several names in the discussion of nomination. They are former mayor Alhaj Manzur Alam, MP Didarul Alam, former Upazila Chairman Upazila A League General Secretary Abdullah Al Baker Bhuiyan, Upazila Chairman SM Al Mamun. But his uncle Manjur Alam and his nephew MP Didarul Alam came from the family after the name of both of them came in fear that any one could be dropped. As a result, the nomination of the people who got to the end was not the common man’s curiosity but MP Didar did not open his mouth. But the situation changed to Saturday night. The other day, no other non-current MP Alhaj Didarul Alam has been nominated for the boat. However, it can be confirmed on Sunday afternoon at noon. With the end of all speculation, he accepted nomination papers on the day. During this, Vice Chairman of Upazila Parishad Alauddin Chaberi, North District A with him. League member said. Idris, A League vice-president Golam Rabbani, Bhatiari UP chairman Alhaj Md. Nazim Uddin, Vice-President of the Central Workers League. Mahbub, Md. Jasim Uddin along with the activists
Asked about this, Alhaj Didarul Alam MP said, in order to establish Sitakundu of peace by controlling the siege of BNP-Jamaat camp in Sitakunda in 2013-14, Sheikh Hasina gave me the nomination for this seat. I have got the leader’s confidence with the leaders and workers. Besides, development works of Sitakunda hundred crore Women colleges have become government, technical colleges and many important institutions have been built. We also did development work in the area with personal financing with government funding. The leader again gave me nomination to continue the ongoing development of the government. That’s why I am grateful to him. In fact, the people’s love and my integrity have been won. I never compromised with any wrongdoing. That was because of the fact. Generation always evaluates honesty. It did in my case too. I have more dreams about Sitakundu If God wants to fill them in the future. Everyone wants cooperation for this.  The general public representatives of Sitakunda are excited about the nomination of the MP. Sitakundu – Gautam Adhikari, a resident of Mahadevpur, a middle-class municipality, expressed his enthusiasm on Facebook, saying that as an honest-wing leader, Alhaj Didarul Alam nominated the MP as the leader of the Jannetri Sheikh Hasina. He was eligible for this nomination. ‘
Bansbariya union council chairman of the district Shawkat Ali Jahangir said, Alhaj Didarul Alam MP has been working sincerely since the election of the last time he worked sincerely in the development of the area. Sitakura everywhere touched his development. Moreover, he was in a tough position against terrorism, extortion and corruption. Because of this, his popularity in the area is widespread. Right now, he has nominated the Father of the Nation, MP Dinidar for his consideration. But the work is not finished right now; we want to present the seat to the leader in winning this seat in response to the trust of the Jannitor


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