The bridge of the canal has not moved in two years in EastBakalia 18ward



Chittagong bureau:

The order to break the bridge of iron Patan in Barakkhal’sBaklia Abdul Latif Hat area was not removed even after two years. City Mayor himself ordered to break the bridge. Demanding the removal of the bridge, the local people also made human movements, memorandums, and many other movements. Locals claim that water logging in the rainy season has resulted in water logging in various areas of Bakaliya. Thousands of residents are suffering due to the famine. In addition, the movement of the vessel in the canals also creates conflicts.

It is seen that evacuation and canal excavation work is being carried out from different parts of the canals under the Chittagong Development Authority’s (CLA) water-logged mega-project. As a result, residents of the area got rid of the huge water logging in some areas. However, in the new moon-full moon and the rainy season, water supply increased abnormally. In the meantime, the entire area was submerged in the bridge.

It is known that, nearly four years ago, the housing company built a steel frame structure illegally on the Ehsan Properties canal. After the construction of the bridge, obstruction of the flow of the canal, disruption of the waste and the movement of the vessel are interrupted. The villagers got bogged down in it. Locals protested for the removal of the illegally constructed bridge.

Mayor of the people ordered to break it on 14 December 2016 in the face of obstruction of the people. In view of this, on January 12, the two magistrates of Chasik visited the bridge. After the mayor’s instruction, the Ehsan Properties Bridge began to be removed. Some pages have been removed. But due to slow pace of work, the bridge was not fully exposed by the time of the bridge to move the bridge.

It is seen that some parts of the bridge constructed have been removed. Still in the middle of the canal, there are still steel patches and concrete big graders on both sides, Wall remains. The navigability of the canals has also decreased due to the construction of these girders and walls by filling the arrow. By building a shop-house with a rugged pillar on the adjoining canal, the river’s canals swallow.

The locals said the boat and the movement were in the canal. Boat movement is getting bighead due to construction of canals. During the tides and tidal bouts, the movement of the vessel is closed. Due to the removal of the bridge completely, water logging in the rainy season prevents the flow of tides and tidal bores Rathaghat-house

Under the mega projects of CDA water logging, excavation of canals and illegal structures was evicted. The illegal settlement has been evacuated from Abdul Latif Hat to Muzaffar Road from the canal. But the bridge that was built on the canal in Abdul Latif Hat area was not evicted. According to sources, Ehsan Properties started construction of the bridge without the approval of former mayor M ManzurAlam. 18 East Bakalia Ward Councilor Harunur Rashid told the daily Muslim times that the bridge had started removing Ehsan Properties. But not completely removed.

The council further said, the matter mayor is in the eye of the matter. Hopefully, the City Corporation will soon evict it. Otherwise, thousands of people will have to suffer hardship due to water logging in the next monsoon.


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