Industry Secretary Abdul Halim at the meeting To save KPM, we have to bring losses to zero



Chittagong bureau:

Karnaphuli Paper Mill (KPM) has been losing weight for a long time. The question was whether KPM would be kept active when the losses were going on. But the hope is that KPM is turning around now. The losses are gradually decreasing significantly. It is expected that in the short run, KPM management will be able to bring the losses down to zero to keep the factory alive. The government has a positive attitude about the famous paper in Asia. The government is committed to keep it going. But for this, all employees, employees and officials working in KPM should have sincere cooperation. KPM can profit once in all the collective efforts. Friday (November 23th) KPMInspector of the factory, the Ministry of Industries said. Abdul Halim said these things.

During the inspection, the Industries Secretary visited KiparaiChipar House of the entire factory and KPM. Later, he exchanged views with the management authority and the KPM Workers ‘Employees’ Council (CBA) on the overall development of the factory. Present at the KPM Managing Director Engineer Dr. MMA Quader The meeting was addressed by the BCIC Director (Production and Research) Md. Shahin Kamal, the senior general manager of BCIC. AsadurRahman, view club editor additional management (forest) Shahidullasaid, KPM Women Club Secretary Umm AymanTuhin, CBA President AbdurRazzak and General Secretary Anwar Hossain present there.

View exchange meeting managing director MMA Quader said, 70-year-old KPM has continued to produce paper in a dilapidated factory and in different adverse conditions. Earlier, factory losses were more than Tk 7 crore per month. Due to various effective steps, KPM losses have come down to 15 million taka. He said in the meeting that more steps are being taken to bring the losses down to zero.


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