Excellent doubles fastest Botham Sobers also surpassed Shakib




Shakib’s work in the cricket world he has made another record in Chittagong yesterday. Another double reaches Shakib’s fastest three-and-a-half runs in Test career and the fastest wicket of 200 wickets. Elite Club has opened the first Bangladeshi cricket with two hundred wickets. England’s legendary all-rounder Sir Yan Botham touched his milestone with 3,500 runs and 200 wickets in 63 Tests. Sakib has made eight of the eight Tests he played. Shakib took two wickets for West Indies opener KiranPawell. Then he got the wicket of Hope. In all, Shakib’s wicket in 52 Tests Asked about the feelings of leaving Botham-Sobers, Shakib said, “No, I do not know (feeling)! Maybe (good), but I do not really understand. The main thing is that, when we win the match, it takes a little more to be happy. But if the match does not win, if the team does not do well, then these achievements cannot be expressed in such a way. ‘

Tigers all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan, who took 100 wickets in the Test as the first Bangladeshi on November 24, 2012, His opponent was serving the Windies. Six years later, Shakib touched the milestone of 200 wickets on the same date against the same opponent. Not only this, Shakib has surpassed England’s legendary Sir Yan Botham on his birthday by doubling three thousand runs. Shakib was the club member of 3 thousand runs long before. He got 200 wickets in the elite club, the club member Shakib took 14 people. However, Shakib reached the lowest Test match there.

Shakib’s return in the Windies series was a lot like the surprise. It is possible that Shakib himself could not have thought of the fact that he was available in the series, which was a month before the finger. However, in the first match of the two-match series, Shakib was brought back with a cloud of cloud. But all the fears, Shakib came to the ground in Chittagong Test In the first innings with the bat, the possibility of big chances but Shakib finally stopped 34 runs The return was not played in a big innings. But the ball does not feel that sorrow. And how will it be? The all-rounder, Banhati, hit the ball in his first over when he hit the ball. The first thing that was bowled was the Shay Hoppe. Craig Brathwaite returned after five balls. One more wicket was possible. But the catch was missed due to two wickets in the first over to be satisfied with Shakibthis is not the end here. Shakib’s third wicket comes in the second half. He returned to Shannon Gabriel. For the 200th wicket, one of the world’s best all-rounders has to wait for another day. Third day meant that Shakib hit again in the second innings at the start of the second day. Kieran Powell’s left arm left the spinner’s ball in front. She missed the ball line. Mushfiqur Rahim broke the wicket for the ball and bowled. With Shakib as the first Bangladeshi cricketer to achieve 200th wicket in the test match milestone. Shakib got another wicket in the next over. Shaw Hope then became his victim. Shakib also has another milestone along with the formation of 200 wickets in Tests in Bangladesh. Shakib as the 14th cricketer in cricket history and now has 3,000 runs and 200 wickets in white robes. The left-handed all-rounder holds 200 wickets in Tests and 3692 runs. The Test and T-20 captains of Bangladesh National Cricket team have made a comeback in the game.

Former spinner Mohammad Rafique is in second place after Shakib. He has taken 100 wickets in 48 innings before retirement. On the other hand, after taking 18 wickets in the recently concluded Test series against Zimbabwe, Taizul is the third in seven wickets against the Windies. Currently 94 wickets in his 22 Tests


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