D-Pascade’s hat-trick in GPH Steel Premier Football in chittagong Mohammedan beat Brothers easily



Sports reporter:

How many of the foreigners who played in the GPH Steel Premier Football ground in Chittagong, why do they know that among the Mohammedan Sporting Club Blues De Kadha – who seemed to be the best. He gave evidence that he gave a great hat trick. Mohammedan blues defeated Brothers Union by 4-1 goals in the first hat trick of D-Tiger in the League and Tony’s remarkable goal. Khokon made the only goal for Brothers.

However, in the match at the MA Aziz Stadium, the Brothers could have missed out on two sure goals, if the result could have been different. In the 25th minute of the match, Mohammedan stole the ball from the small box, which was unstoppable. Brothers’ foreign striker BabanadaJosi Immediately afterwards, the keeper of another Mohammedan captain Mohammad Shamim, the keeper of the Mohammedan skipper, saved his unbeaten skill. Brothers in the forearms put on their forehead. At the very end of the first half, the team tried to scrape some of the Brothers in a single attempt by trapping the ball into a placing shot (1-0). In the 9th minute, Brothers tried to get the match in parallel with the equation. At that time, Khokon scored a hat-trick in Mohammedan box (1-1) at a joint rally organized. Tony (2-1) took Mohammedan ahead in the 17th minute with a fine goal from the right angle. Brothers could bring the balance again in 26 minutes. But again Mohammedan skipper Shamim got obstructed. In the meantime, Khokan’s precision head-spinner saved the moment just before he saved Shamim. After that, the Brothers were digging two more goals in defiance of the defenses. If foreign defender Shila Mohammad Ball failed to clear the 37th minute, Mohammedan’s foreign team could easily score a goal from the distance. Kipper also left the post at the time (3-1). In the 42nd minute again, Foad of Mohammedan Fouad got the ball in defensive (now domestic) weak clearing. Although his kick-back was returned to him, he did not have any difficulty in getting his ball back into the net. In this, Mohammedan took 4-1 goals and De Kadha was his hat-trick. In the match Mohammedan captain Shamim was nominated as the best player. At the end of the game, he distributed the award to former footballer Ismail Kutubi


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