After stabbing a student Violence of two groups of BCL in USTC, vandalism



Chittagong bureau:

At the entrance of the Fay’s lake, the University of Science and Technology (USTC) Yesterday morning they carried out students from the classroom and vandalized inside. Heel Ghosh named a student of the 3rd semester of life chemistry after stabbing the barricade. Heel was seriously injured in the Medical ward of Chittagong Medical College (CMCH) Hospital. During this time, there was some movement of traffic on the road of ZakirHossain. Riot police were deployed to control the situation.

Police and USTC administration said that the clash took place between two groups of BCL on the center of the banner. After the clash between the two sides, all academic activities of the USTC were closed yesterday. Police arrested one in this incident.

Talking to the police, USTC administration and students, it is known that at the USTC campus, a banner is now in the name of the Awami League’s student organization. Mohiuddin Group of Chhatra League another banner in Tonga for the vote in the boat on Thursday but yesterday morning the banner disappeared. The staff of the Mohiuddin Group became angry. They close the university campus Watch the circuit camera and try to identify it. But who or who took it out of the night, it was not understood well in close circuit cameras. Then BCL activists stopped all classes and academic activities simultaneously. They protested on the campus and claimed the trial of this incident.

The authorities informed the police about the situation deteriorating. Then there were riot police as well as police. The police took out the BCL staff and took control of the campus. But when they came out of the campus, they beat and stabbed the student of the third semester of life chemist HimelGhosh and put them on the pavement. Riot police came and camped on the campus after arresting them and arrested one. In this situation, the traffic movement on the road of ZakirHossain was closed. Traders closed the shops around the campus.

Acting Vice-Chancellor Professor of USTC NurulAbsar said, “There is a problem between the two factions of BCL on the banner hanging.” Because of the same organization, it is also difficult for us to be reconciled. He said outside boys came and stabbed HimelGhosh, stabbed him. We did a general diary (GD) in the police station.

Khulshi Police Station Officer-in-Charge Sheikh Md. NasirUddin said, many people went to the campus on the Dhaka campus with BCL. Basically they did the tragedy. Police detained a Tokyaki If the USTC authorities or relatives of the injured student are sued, they will be shown arrested. The situation is under the control of the police.


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