On the government officials to play ‘neutral’ role in the upcoming eleven parliamentary elections -Colonel (retd) Oli Ahmad


staff reporter:
The chief coordinator of the 20-party alliance and President of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Colonel (retd) Oli Ahmad said on the government officials to play ‘neutral’ role in the upcoming eleven parliamentary elections. He said that if government officials have sustained this government for 10 years, they will not take any action against them if they play a neutral role in the upcoming election. Everyone will be treated equally. Oli Ahmad said this at a press conference on Thursday (November 22nd) in the capital’s Banana Fusion Hunt. The BNP-led 20 party the coordinator of the alliance said that the government officials will be given special privileges in the wages for those who perform 24 hours or who are ready to perform. For the police force, separate hospitals and medical colleges will be constructed in different divisional cities. This will ensure their well-being and their meritorious children will have the opportunity to study medicines.
Oli Ahmad said, during our election of the 11th Jatiya Sangsad, we will ensure the rights of people’s voting in the public, semi-governmental and non-governmental organizations, without any party influence, and their right to vote for their conscience. Duty to work as a political party will not work.
Responding to a question about the nomination of the upcoming election, the 20-party alliance coordinator said that the monkey cake will not be shared in the name of sharing of seats between the nominees. Rather, the people of the mind and the people of the people will be nominated for the election.
He also said that the right to vote will be established. The government has to be formed by the elected representatives of the people. That is why the courage and awareness of the people is needed. With the introduction of new bank approval, there can be a great crash in the economy at any time. Now the backs of the people have fallen behind the wall. To overcome this situation, everyone will be united regardless of race, religion or community.


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