Chittagong zoo, 342 colored bird has been arranged


chittagong reporter:
The euphoria has been inaugurated at Chittagong Zoo. The deputy commissioner of the management committee Ilias Hossain inaugurated on Wednesday.
The birdhouse made of colorful birds is officially opened for visitors. Chittagong’s mini aviary, Chittagong, has been arranged with 342 birds of six species of Lefing Dove, Fijnata, Ring Neck Parrot, Cocktail, Love Bird and Macau. The cost of construction of a small one-bedroom house of one thousand one thousand square feet was Tk 34 lakh.
Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) Md. Habibur Rahman, Additional Deputy Commissioner (LA) Mominur Rashid, Zoo’s Veterinary Officer. Shahadat Hossain Shuvo and Executive Committee Member Secretary Ruhul Amin present there.
Deputy Commissioner said several steps have been taken by the district administration to introduce the Chittagong Zoo in the new style. So tigers from South Africa, new animals including zebras have been brought and lastly this birdhouse is built. Many do not know about birds very well so let them now the birdhouse will help to know about birds.
Deputy Commissioner said, once this zoo was a Los project. But now we are benefiting. The visitors will be brought here with kangaroo, ostrich, to attract visitors.
Meanwhile, plans to take some places from the adjoining hills to remove zoos. Of the 342 birds, there are 20 pairs of love birds, 50 pairs of lounging doves, 10 pairs of faces, 10 pairs of rings, 50 pairs of cocktails and 1 pair of macaws. The rest are of different species.
Party secretary committee secretary Towhidul Islam said that although there were about 30 years of establishment, there was no birdhouse in Chittagong zoo. But it was built in cooperation with the district administration keeping in mind the need for a bird house in the center of Chittagong’s one of the traditional heritage centers.


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