Chittagong-4 MP Didar, may he was dropped from the boatman Sitakundu boatman may be Manjur, Bakker or s m al- Mamun


Chittagong bureau:
Chittagong-4 Sitakunda – This upazila has now become a buzzword town on the nomination of MP. Ever since Monday, Manzoor Alam, SM Al Mamun and sometimes Baker Bhuiyan got nominations, spreading the common people of the area were confused. Everyone is eager to know about the media workers who are actually the boatman? But those who have so much talk about them, none of them are still completely sure. On the other hand, some of the names were heard but the name of the current MP Didarul Alam has disappeared suddenly. The smog has also been created.
According to the sources, political hat inspires in Sitakunda in Chittagong surrounded the eleventh parliamentary elections. Especially 17 nomination papers as nominated for this seat are nominated
On Monday, the name of Alhaj Manjurul Alam, former mayor of Chittagong City Corporation, suddenly came to the notice of the boat on Monday. Besides, Upazila chairman SM Al Mamun was also at number 2. But the situation changed to last Tuesday morning. In the morning, a group of people gathered to stop Manzur Some League candidates. When they demanded candidates from within Sitaku-upazila near the party’s high command, a powerful influential minister of Chittagong is in the list of potential candidates. The general secretary of the League proposed the name of the former Upazila chairman Abdullah Al Baker Bhuiyan and included on the nomination list. After this, the supporters of Abdullah Al-Buker Bhuiyan became happy and used to face each other with sweet face. His supporters continued to congratulate him by nomination in social media. Meanwhile, once again Manjur Alam, once SM Al Mamun and Abdullah Al-Bakker were nominated for Bhuiyan’s candidature, although the party’s high command still has not officially declared any nomination, there is confusion among the common people. Although nominations are mentioned in different ways, the candidates still cannot be completely sure about this. When asked about the former Mayor of Chittagong City Corporation Alhaj Manjur Alam, he said, “There is still no time to say anything about this.” Many people want to give the party to whom he will be the boatman. That’s why everyone has to work. The party’s high command asked to wait till the formal announcement. Former Upazila Chairman and Police Station League General Secretary Abdullah Al Baker Bhuiyan said, “I am in the final stage now. Everyone is supporting me. Yet some conspiracies are still going on. So I’m waiting for the announcement of the party’s high command.
Upazila Chairman and North District Juba League President SM Al Mamun said, the party’s high command is considering who will give the candidate. Now my name, sometimes Manjur Alam, is the name of Baker Bhaiyan. Finally, the leader who gave him will be the candidate. You have to wait until the party declares it. On the other hand, discussion on these candidates is being criticized, but suddenly the name of local MP Alhaj Didarul Alam disappeared from the name since Monday. Many people think that since his uncle Manzur Alam is being considered from his family, nephew MP Didarul Alam is not rushing to get the nomination. He is observing the situation silently. Calling the MP Didarul Alam to know about the matter, no speech was found in his mobile phone.


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