An admission holder named Rahmatullah On the way coming from the house the main certificate is stolen and admitted to the hospital due to fasting hunger



CU Correspondent:
An admission holder named Rahmatullah, sitting on hunger strike, could not get admission in Chittagong University. This hunger strike program was held in front of the University Shaheed Minar on Thursday (November 22nd), around noon on Sunday.
Rahmatullah secured 917th position in the ‘B’ unit examination under the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in the academic year 2018-19. He got admission in the department of Islamic Studies in the department’s preference list. But on November 17, when he was stolen from Madaripur to Chittagong, with all the certificates of his education, he lost his chance to be admitted to the university. In connection with the theft of the certificate, Rahmatullah made a GD at Hathazari Police Station. She went to the Dean office of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities with a copy of the GD and a written application. But he did not get admission because he did not have the original copy of the certificate. Even a teacher at the university to get him admitted did not do any work. As a result, he sat on hunger strike.
Rahmatullah, an admissible student sitting on hunger strike, said, “On my way to Chittagong, all my certificates were stolen on the train. I did a GD at Hathazari Police Station Even given the advertisement in the magazine because everything was stolen from my house; I brought photocopies of e-mails in my house through e-mail. But with those photocopies I got admission for 18, I did not get admission because I did not have the original certificate. This has made my education almost uncertain.
The student also said, “There was a lot of desire to be taught at the public university. I asked for the time to write to the university authorities to bring the original certificate, so that I was admitted. But for the sake of the rules I am not being able to get admitted. So I am sitting on hunger today. ‘
Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the co-ordinator of ‘B’ unit Professor Dr. Md. Sekandar Chowdhury said, “No one is being admitted except according to the rules of the University.” Before the boy came, many other students came to admission due to the same reasons. I did not give it to everyone. If that is the case, then I will have to fill them with the ones I have not given them before. ‘
He further said, “All the decisions regarding admission take the central admission committee. We coordinate only implement it. So, we have to stay in jail for the rule.


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