The white color Yaba is coming It seems white eyes; the sale of drugs has not stopped but the situation has improved



Chittagong bureau:
The law enforcement agencies do not agree to any rate defeat Yaba traders. They were using the routine route so long to bring the yaba ship without any doubt. After some days it was caught. At the same time shipment of billions of dollars caught. Yaba color is pink. So they have changed the strategy again. Now the search has been found in white color yaba Producers are changing color and smell to prevent the arrest of Yaba. Sometimes it is caught in yellow, sometimes green.
Chief of Chittagong Counter Terrorism Unit Chittagong Shahidullah told Muslim times that they were not relieved by the fact that the drug traders changed one strategy after another. This discomfort is due to the operation of law and order forces. The strategy is being taken to catch them. Teknaf Police Station officer-in-charge Pradip Kumar Das told that the large shipment of Yaba was being caught in the operation. It seems white eyes; the sale of drugs has not stopped but the situation has improved. The availability of drugs has decreased a lot.
He said they are working on different techniques to stop drug sale. Now, Yaba is being sold at almost twice the price of home delivery and mobile phones. In this case, mobile number and voice are not being sold to them if they are unfamiliar. If they sell drugs to strangers, but they are trustworthy by verifying people by turning them in some places then they are selling drugs to that customer. Due to the monogenic expedition, the listed enclosures are covered. But some of them employed new drugs selling drugs.
In the face of the tough position of the law enforcement force, the pink color has changed as a new strategy and now a cycle of drug dealers is trying to sell white yaba in the market. On October 21, the first white-color Yaba entry was conducted in Hatirjheel, Dhaka. A team of RAB arrested 80 people with Yasab. The arrestee name is Rajib Molla (22).
RAB headquarters Legal and Media Wing Assistant Director ASP Mizanur Rahman said in the interrogation, Rajeev said that as a part of the latest anti-drug campaign, he started selling white colored Yaba tablets made in Myanmar with the help of a drug dealer from Teknaf, border in Myanmar. In order to mislead the law enforcement agencies, the drug chain is bringing white yaba tablets instead of pink yaba. Myanmar officials believe that changing the color is the new technique of Yaba marketing. After the arrest of the Yaba pillars, the RAB members initially read it. Immediately after the seizure, the drug was sent to the laboratory and in the case of banned amphetamine ingredients used to make yaba. Yaba usually has various types of scent. There is no scent of the newly seized tablet. RAB members said, anyone who first sees it can make a mistake by considering it as a normal tablet or antibiotic.
Director of RAB Legal and Media Division Commander Mufti Mahmud Khan said that due to the activities of law enforcement agencies, it is difficult to sell pink yaba tablets to drug dealers. Due to this, the drug dealers are selling White Yaba tablets as a new strategy for yaba business to confuse the law enforcement agencies. Efforts are being made to arrest all the members of the gang. The color of yaba that usually comes from Myanmar is pink and weighs 0.10 grams per piece. The color of the new type of Yaba that is now caught is yellow and twice the size of the present Yaba. Weight 0.20 g. It can be seen, the type of methyl amphetamine in the yellow yaba, yellow yaba also contains methyl amphetamines but it is big and odorless in size.


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