The crab of blood is 11 lakh



Unbelievable, however, the price of a species of limber us is more than 11 million rupees. The name of this crab, called elliptical cymbals, is called Limulus But if it is called crabs; there is a similarity to spider species. Due to the extraordinary strength of blood, limousine can protect itself from any bacteria and toxic substances. So their importance in medical science is immense. Their blood color is blue? Scientists said that pigs could transport oxygen to the blood by utilizing the presence of iron in hemoglobin, but in the case of Limuoles, the matter is different. They transport oxygen to the hemosyanin. The blood color is blue due to presence of copper in it. Crab blood contains amibosite. Which can only clot blood in the presence of one million shares of bacteria where mammals take time to take 48 hours. This limousine amebuethy list EVLL was started in the 1970s. The presence of the least bacteria can also be understood. It is used in the treatment of bacteria or vaccine. These crabs are actually life-saving. It is said to give blood themselves


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