The bird sanctuary of Chittagong Zoo has been opened officially for visitors with colorful birds


Chittagong bureau:
Half of a thousand square feet of pigeonpeas in the bird’s house, 34 birds of 6 species. Various birds, including Leaping doves, fingants, ring neck parrots, cocktail, profit birds, macaques.

Chittagong zoo management committee president and deputy commissioner Ilias Hossain inaugurated the newly constructed bird’s eye on Wednesday (November 21st).

Dc Ilias Hossain said, “Several steps have been taken by the district administration to decorate the Chittagong Zoo in a new style. As part of this, tigers from South Africa, new zebras including zebras have been brought, which is the latest addition to the bird sanctuaries.

He said, ‘Many of us do not know very well about birds. As a result, children can not give a correct idea about this. Birds will help everyone to know about birds. ‘

The district administrator said, “Once this zoo was a Los project. Now we are benefiting from the care of the poor. Kangaroo, ostrich will be brought here to attract more visitors. There are plans to take some places from the adjoining hills to reduce the scarcity of zoo.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) Md. Habibur Rahman, Additional Deputy Commissioner (LA) Mominur Rashid present there


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