Millions of people participated in Eid Miladunnabi Jossane Julus in the city



Chittagong reporter:

on the occasion of Eid Miladunnabi (peace be upon him) organized In the management of Anjuman-e-Rahmania Ahmadiya Sunnia Trust the 47th AZulus was led by Awlad Rasul, Shahjada Allama Syed Muhammad Hamid Shah (Maj Gen A). On Wednesday (November 21st), Julesa Ahmadiya of Sunnia Aliya Madrasa from Muradpur-Sholashahar in the city went out of the house at 9.00 in the morning.

In front of the Jamia madrasa in front of the people who came from a far distance to Jamia Madrasa. After returning to Madrasah, Moradpur, Panchlaish, Katalganj, Chawkbazar, Dewanbazar, Sirajuddoula Road, Andarkilla, Momin Road, Cheragee Hills, Jamalkhan and Chittagong College went back to Madrasah. Zulus surrounded banner, festoon, Alamgir Khanka, Jamia Madrasa, Muradpur and surrounding areas were arranged in the arcade.

Zillus Media Desk Convener PhP Family Managing Director Amir Hossain Sohel said that Anjuman Trust introduced the first Jules in Chittagong in 1974, following the guidance and outline of Allama Syed Muhammad Tayyab Shah of Sirikot in the court with thousands of devotional devotees, which is now the history-tradition of Chittagong Has become an integral part of the culture. Banglanews

Head of Anjuman Security Force (ASF) Sadek Hossain Pappu said that ASF was established 12 years ago. Our 300 voluntary ASF members are in 15 points. There are 4,000 volunteers. Apart from this, Ansar, Police, RAB members are working.

Run the specially made car for the Kabbaar Mohammad Hossain Khokan. He said, “For ten years, our car is being used in Julos for the sake of the Quraish. It is only found out in Jules. Millions of people drive the car very slowly with stubbornness. It’s fortunate for AAR. ‘

Allama Mufti Obaidul Haque Naimi, Joint Principal Mufti Muhammad Ashiar Rahman, Principal of the women’s madrasa, participated in Julus. Mohammad Sarwar Uddin, Principal Muhammad Badiul A Rizvi, Senior Vice President Mohammed Mohsin, Anjuman Senior Secretary Mohammad Anwar Hossain, PhP Family Chairman Sufi Mohammad Mizanur Rahman, Gaussia Committee Chairman Pair Mohammed, Joint Secretary General Md. Mubeb Uddin Bokhtera.

Sufi Mohammad Mizanur Rahman told reporters, “Since 1974, Julus has been in Chittagong. It is the world’s largest Zulu Throughout the country, Julus has spread to many countries around the world. Zulus was found out in the state of Egypt. We hope that the Chughus Julus Guinness will be in the chair on the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday, to be recognized by UNESCO World Heritage.

On the occasion of Eid Miladunnabi (S), in the management of Anjuman-e-Rahmania Ahmadiya Sunnya Trust, there were so many crowds of people in Julus that it took time to go for 9 hours to go for four hours.

In the city’s Muradpur-Sholashahar Jamiya Ahmadia Sunnia Alia Madrasa’s Alamgir Khankah started at 9.30 in the morning and started moving slowly to the crowds, the specially made car was moving slowly.

Thousands of people are seen waiting for hours after the death of Allama Syed Muhammad Hamid Shah on both sides of the road, flyover, various marketing centers, multi-storied building roofs. Many people invite Julus’s guests with small trucks, rickshawn shirat, bread, jilpi, dried dates, fruits and chocolate.

Zulus returned to the madrasa field at Bibir Hat, Muradpur, Panchlaish, Katalganj, Chawkbazar, Dewanbazar, Sirajuddoula Road, Andarkilla Road, Momin Road, Cheragee Hill, Jamalkhan, Chittagong College and took part in the afternoon. Organizers claim that there are 60 million people in Zulu. Hundreds of floating vendors’ hat, oatsTasbih, Punjabi-Pajama, winter clothes, food items from Muradpur to Madrasa.


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