Final design, land acquisition next month City Corporation bus terminals will start soon



Chittagong bureau:
Chittagong City Corporation  will start land acquisition and development activities to build modern bus terminals in the city’s Kollgaon area from next month. Terminal design has been finalized. The necessary funds have been allocated for land acquisition.
Asked about the situation City Mayor AZM Nasir Uddin said, the suffering of the city dwellers is not going on for long or traveling in the city. The lack of modern infrastructure and terminals are finally going to be filled. The project has been approved. Now the official activities will be completed soon and the work will be started as soon as possible by calling the tender. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken the responsibility of development of Chittagong as she is going to get the latest bus terminals. Terminal project design has already been finalized. Completely implemented, passenger buses will change radically in Chittagong.
According to Chasik, the project was approved on 12th August for the construction of a bus terminal. Terminal will be built in Balochara area at Jalalabad ward of Chittagong-Hathazari Road. It will be built on 16 acres of land. Of these, eight acres of land is of the CDA. The remaining eight acres will be acquired. The cost of the acquisition is 260 billion taka. Development of terminal land need for Taka 3 crore 37 lakhs.

7 crore for development of the bus terminal, 25 million for the construction of the yard with the drainage system.
A bus terminal is designed by an organization named ‘Ed Dot’. Company adviser Engineer Delwar Majumder told Muslim times that both long-distance and inter-city buses would leave from Chittagong. The four-storey building will be built in front of the terminal. On the first floor, passengers will be able to get buses in seven places and passengers can board buses from 25 places. There are also arrangements for waiting for buses in 14 more places. In the building there are 5 wide elevators, two escalators and three walk stairs. Separate toilets for men and women will also be arranged. There will be separate toilets for disabled people. There will be a total of 22 ticket counters, luggage rooms, taxi calling booths, fastened corners and fast food shops.
On the second floor of the building there will be shops of different products. There will also be hospitality lounges for AC bus passengers. Special arrangements will be made on the third floor for tourists. There will be more VIP lounges, bus company offices, terminal facilities office. On the fourth floor there will be Bus Company’s office and panorama restaurants.
Private cars and CNG taxi parking arrangements have been made on one side of the terminal. There are 30 private cars and taxi stands here. Along with this, six cars can be used to collect oil and gas from the petrol pump. There will be 69 buses together in the terminal depot. There will be seven centers garage for servicing and repairing buses. Maintenance-Bay will have eight. There will also be a car parts shop. There will be a common room and boarding room for buses and staff. There will also be staff canteen. The terminal sub-station for technical support will be built next to it. A 10 storey commercial building will be built keeping in mind the passengers. Besides, a water fountain will be built between the terminals for beautification.

If the modern bus terminal is built, the city’s transportation system will become modern; the opinion-conscious society will become modern. But there is little disagreement between the placements of the terminals. Chittagong District Bus Owners’ Association President Monjurul Islam Manju said, “Such a long term bus terminal in North Chittagong is a long-standing demand. But it would have been better if it was built in empty areas without building the populated areas. Our claim was that there was an empty space beside the Bayozid Bostami Mazar. Where people do not have the construction of the terminal at this place would be good for all parties because the place to build the terminals is now a populated area. To implement the project, many will be evicted.


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