East Delta University (EDU) will stand beside Saeed Al Noman for blood campaign



Chittagong reporter:
The most important component of human body is blood. Our blood campaign is for human life. The main objective of this campaign is to create a database of all the blood groups of the EDU family to ensure that everyone at the East Delta University can stand beside the University of East Delhi at any time. The founder Vice Chairman Syed Al Noman said at the workshop on Blood Campaign and Hepatitis E Awareness at East Delta University. Permanent School Permanence of the initiative by the EDU Social Service Club The campus was held at the campus. It started the process of creating a database through all the blood grouping of the University of the University. With the assistance of Chittagong Blood Bank, about 50 bags of blood were collected. Today, a workshop on Hepatitis E awareness was held. USTC Dr. Mariam Nahuza conducted the workshop. He said, Hepatitis E is a virus borne disease. This disease spreads through water or food. The virus has the ability to severely damage the liver (liver). The main cause of jaundice is the virus. He also said, hopefully hepatitis E does not cause cancer like other hepatitis. But so far the medical scientists could not find any medicine for this disease. Many people think that drinking water will not cause this disease. But the research has found that the filters cannot remove the hepatitis E virus. So must be drinking boiling water. Edu’s Treasurer Professor Shams-ud-Dawah, Registrar Sajal Kanti Barua, Planning and Development Director Shafaet Kabir Chowdhury, Dean of School of Engineering Md. Nazim Uddin, Dean of School of Business. Mohammad Rakibul Kabir Proctor Ananya Nandi, among others.


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