Crown prince ‘opposition’ within Saudi royal family



International Desk:

In addition to increasing the pressure of Western countries in the murder of journalist Jamal Khasugzi in the Saudi consulate, some members of the Saudi royal family are also protesting against Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman.
Reports said that the members of the Al-Saud family are preparing to stop the Crown prince being the king of Mohammad, according to the three sources related to the palace.
Prince of different royal families and many of his brothers in Mohammed see a change in the question of succession to the throne. However, the 82-year-old king, Salman, will not take any action in this regard while he is alive, sources said.
Crown Prince Mohammad, also known as MBS (Mohammed bin Salman) in the western world, is still believed to be the favorite of King, but if he is asked to remove him, Salman is predicting that he will not listen to it.
The members of the royal family are now keen to place their younger brother Prince Ahmed Bin Abdulaziz on the throne after King’s death. Saudi Arabia, according to sources in the Crown Prince Mohammed’s family, will also get support from intelligence and security agencies and some western countries.
Prince Ahmed returned to Riyadh last month after spending two and a half months abroad. During his stay abroad, in response to the invitation of the Saudi empire in front of his residence in London, he also criticized the current leadership of Saudi Arabia’s youngest son, King Salman.
At the time, two sources confirmed that Ahmed was one of the three senior members of the Legislative Assessment Committee, who opposed the creation of MBS to be a Crown Prince in the year 2017.
No comments were found by Prince Ahmed or his representatives. A Riyadh official did not respond immediately to the Reuters contact in relation to succession.
There are several hundred princes in the Saudi tribe. Like the European royal family, the king himself cannot automatically inherit the throne of his eldest son. According to the tradition of the Saudi royal family, senior members of the king and various branches of the family, in their view, nominate the most qualified person as the successor to the throne.
But that nomination is not the last word. If the king dies or is unable to run the rajakaj, the 34-member council will decide the new kings. The council will have to agree to be the predecessor inherited from before. The influential people who have withdrawn support from MBS are now waiting for that moment.


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