Bollywood’s Deepika Padukone with Ranbir Singh these two stars floating in good wishes since marriage



Deepika Padukone, who finished her marriage in Italy, is now in her in-laws’ house. Returning to Mumbai in the morning yesterday
Bollywood’s ‘Padmabati’ has moved to the in-laws house It is learned that Deepika Padukone, directly from the airport, comes to her new home with Ranbir Singh. There he was treated according to the tradition of the family of Bhabani. Nababibhit Ranbir and Deepika couple was confined to the paparazzi and fans after the arrival of the airport. They smiled with a smile. When they play the game in hiding in the wedding, they make arrangements for photographers to take photographs when they reach home. During this time, Deepika was wearing red silk ornaments and traditional jewelery. Ranbir’s cream colored kurta and red print millions. At this time the fans thanked the fans and the paparazzi. Bollywood artists’ rat-cat relationships with paparazzi are very old. In particular, Deepika Padukone has taken a lot of journalists and paparazzi many times before this. On 14th November, on the day of the wedding in Kannani style in Lonwari, Lombardy city, on the day of Kankan style, the paparazzi publishes a video of their navigator. The next day, Sindhi Punjabi got married these two stars floating in good wishes since marriage.


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