The poster banner removed time has been extended once again



Staff reporter:
All types of posters shouting nomination candidates around the Eleventh Parliament election, the time has been extended from November 18 to November 26, while removing banners. The circular has been issued from the Election Commission yesterday.
District Election Officer Munir Hossain Khan said that the time for the poster banner was removed from time to 26 November. He said that in the presence of executive magistrates, all posters, banner billboards have been removed. All types of promotional posters, banners will be removed by November 26.
On the occasion of the election of the Jatiya Sangshad, the posters of the nomination-prospect, banner, filled with walls, poles and pillars of the city and district. After the announcement of the election schedule, the EC issued notice to withdraw it.
The Election Commission issued notice on November 9. It has been said that no campaign can be run before symbol allocation. On 14th November, the concerned candidates will remove the cost of their candidates by posting the potential candidates, posters, banners, wall writing, billboards, gates, arcades or girths, pandals or illumination camps. In order to take necessary measures, the city corporation, municipal government institutions have been instructed.
Later, it was extended up to 18 November in two phases. The last yesterday was increased to 26 November. In the meantime, if any potential candidate does not remove his publicity material, he will be charged with breaking the electoral code of conduct and according to the law, action will be taken against him, the EC Secretary said.


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