Tantam and bus stand in front of the school, the students suffer 40 No. North Patenga Ward



Chittagong reporter:
Despite the bus stop, the bus stopped in front of the educational institution’s gate. The other cars are stopping at the back. Passengers are also standing on the bus. As a result, students and guardians who come to school are scared to read. This image is in front of Patenga High School in Patenga Ward No. 40 North of the city. The school authorities said they did not take any action even after informing local administration and concerned authorities about this issue. However, police station has promptly asked about the matter.
On Tuesday, it was found in the spot that there is a certain place and bus stop station in front of the Katgarh road. Patenga High School was just before. At the main gate of the school, there are at least 20 buses in different routes. On the other hand, the vehicles coming from various places are busy working on the main entrance to the main gate. Along with it, the loudspeakers are calling for the passengers to do the same. Apart from this, the competition is to take hundreds of thousands of jam-packed passengers. Because of this, due to the disruption of other vehicular traffic, the students and parents attending school are suffering.
A guardian named MA Sikder said to daily Muslim times that due to the presence of cars in front of the school, children are constantly faced with problems. Many students and guardians have also been caught due to accidents due to these vehicles. Even as we are suffering in our movement, children are also being victimized. Due to this illegal car parking, we have increased the number of accidents due to accidents.
School teachers said that about one thousand six thousand students go to school every day. The students are constantly being victimized in front of the school because of extreme sufferings. Every day there is a problem with the children entering the school because of the cars in front of the school. Nobody is watching the issue. There is a problem even when reading high voices in the car. In the past, some of the students of the school have died in the car accident.
Meanwhile, the headmaster of the school Obaidul Haq told daily Muslim times that no action has been taken after local police and concerned authorities have spoken after written verbal and written, we have given oral and written complaint to the local police station regarding this. The car owner, the traffic department, has also been told. But no party took any action on this. Once a representative of the traffic department came here, but in reality it did not happen. As a result, accidents and troubles continue to increase.
Patenga thana Officer-in-Charge (OC) Utpatali Barua said to daily Muslim times, “I am coming to just two months. No one has told me about it till now. I heard you first Soon steps will be taken.



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