Garangia-Alurghat road is being eroded Due to the illegal withdrawal of sand from Dalu river of Satkania


Chittagong Reporter:

Due to the illegal withdrawal of sand from Dalu river of Satkania, some places of the Gangania-Alurghat road of Sonakania Union were drained in the river. School, college, madrasa and general people are suffering due to this road. 5 people living in the area are scared. No action was taken even though the application was made to the concerned authorities to take appropriate measures to prevent the erosion of illegal sand.
When the road is visited, it is seen that the Garangia-Alurghat Sightanandan road is located in Sonakania union of the upazila. Its length is about 4 kilometers. The river Dalu runs on the side of the road. The local influential villagers are extracting sand in their own sugarcane basin by putting dredger machines. The sand is being extracted from Gaurangia 8 ward monir ghatara of ward, Haldar face, Samshu Member para, Abdul Alim Chowdhury Para, Alurghat and Garangia High School area. Garangia Aliya Madrasah, South Garangia Female Dakhil Madrasa, South Garangia Government Primary School, Central Garangia Government Primary School, Garangia High School, Alurghat Ebtedai ​​Madrasa and Hatia Pool Ebtedayi Madrasa, Religious Mosques and Temples of various religions have come under threat.
Kafil Uddin, a student of Garangia Madrasa, who travels daily on this road, said, “We can move in the dry season in some way, but in the rainy season, it is very dangerous to travel through it.”
Helal Uddin, headmaster of Baradona Haque Memorial High School said, “If you break this way, once the eye-sighted road will disappear in the river Dalu”. Take steps to stop illegal extraction.
Ward no 8 ward member of Sonakania Union Moniul Alam Monir and ward no 9 ward member Jahangir Alam said, Garangia-Alurghat Eyebutton has been hit by the breakdown of the road due to sand extraction by installing a dredger machine from the river Dalu. There is no work done on writing above to prevent illegal sand lifting and erosion. If the road without repairing the sand, then the house of at least 5 thousand people in 5 villages will be submerged in the rainy season.
Satkania Upazila Executive Officer Mobarak Hossain said that the erosion of the road will be prevented with speeding measures against illegal sand extractioners.


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