BSC ships Transporting goods from the port of the world more than $ 20,000 on the ship’s day



Chittagong reporter:
The new flagship of the Bangladeshi is ‘Jijoyatra of Bengal’ and ‘Prosperity of Bengal’. Transporting goods from the port of the world as well as ferrying the red-green flag. Since joining the Bangladesh Shipping Corporation (BSC) fleet, earnings from two ships are more than $ 20,000 a day. On international routes, the BSC transported the rice exported in Sri Lanka in the last 2014-15. Then the rice was sent to the ships of Bengal Kallol and Bengal Kakoli. Executive Director (Technical) Engineer Mohammad Yusuf told the information. He said that the new cargo vessel named ‘MV Bangar’s Joyjatra’ was interpreted by the Chinese National Machinery Export and Export Corporation (CMC) to the BTS on July 27. Then on 10th October it was understood that the ‘prosperity of MV Bangla’ is the ship. China’s Jiangsu New Yorki Shipbuilding Company Limited is constructing ships for BSC at a cost of Taka 843 crore with the financial support of the Chinese government. Of these, the government of China is giving Tk 1,448 crore and B.Sc. will give 395 crore taka. All the vessels are 39 thousand metric ton capacity (DWT). ‘Joyjatra’ comes from outside the port of Chittagong without bringing empty of Bangladesh from the port of Chittagong, carrying more than 37 thousand 500 tons of limestone from the port of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates. In the meantime, the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the ship through video conference. Then it goes to the Kakinada port in Andhra Pradesh, India, from where it is supposed to go to West Africa’s Abidjan Port and Sengal’s port in Dhaka. After the ‘prosperity’ delivery, the ship reached Malaysia’s Samaljou Port with stainless steel products. Then it came to Thailand’s Cochin port rice load. The ship will also carry rice in West Africa. According to the agreement, the charter company is paying 15 days advance payment of two ships for rent. Except ship fuel, port costs, stevedoring costs all they carry. The BSC only carries the cost of technological repair, surveys, captain and crew pay, their fresh water, and the supply of Lub oil in the engine. On condition of anonymity, a BSC official said, the life time of a new vessel is 25 years. In a short time after the recession of the Maritime sector did not go down, the new three oil tankers built in China and the three cargo ships for the BSC will see the face of investing money. If the ships can be rented to different organizations in the long run, the profits will be high. The development of ‘MT Bangla’ among six ships is to be understood by the BSC on December 12. Currently the ‘Sea Trial’ of the ship is going on in China. In the gradation of the remaining three ships, the achievement of ‘MV Bangla’, ‘Promoting the importance of MT Bangla’ and ‘Progress of MT Bangla’ will be explained to the BSC. According to the source, in 1991, the last included in the BSC ‘MV Bangla Shikha’ was built in China. Currently there are only two oil tankers in the BSC fleet. ‘Jatuti MT Bangla’ and ‘Mt Bangla Sourav’ was created in 1987 in Denmark. The tanker collects unrefined fuel oil from the big tanker waiting outside the Chittagong port and brings it to the depot of Patenga.


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