Universal Children’s Day is Today



Chittagong bureau:
Today is universal Children’s Day. On 1959 the United Nations General Assembly adopted the ‘Children’s Right Declaration’. Again on this day in 1989, the United Nations recognized it. In the 191 countries of the world, together on November 20, Universal Children’s Day is celebrated. In the United Nations General Assembly, in 1954, it was decided that the first day for children was to be observed.
As a result, this day is being celebrated as universal child day in different countries of the world including our country. On this day everyone is the same as the mainstream. To protect children’s rights, take effective measures to stop child labor and take oath to fulfill the responsibilities and responsibilities of everybody in society. On 20 November 1989, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Children’s Convention or the Charter (CRC) to protect the rights of children around the world. Other than 22 countries of the world in the first row, Bangladesh signed the CRC.
After signing the CRC, the Bangladesh government took various acclaimed initiatives including National Child Policy 2010, National Child Labor Disinvestment Policy 2010, National Child Policy 2011, Children Act 2013, and protection of child rights. As a result, the rate of child education increased in the country. Reduced child mortality, physical punishment in the school has been invalid and it is possible to prepare a list of risky jobs for children.
We have 45 percent of our total population. In the situation of children in Bangladesh, 99 percent of the education is going to school. Again the drop rate is 20 percent. But there is a need to put them in the school. In some cases the government has the initiative; it will have to be taken more widely.
In order to properly observe the day, various programs have been taken in different places of the country, like other places of the world. Various organizations have taken separate programs aimed at celebrating the day in Chittagong.


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