During the hijacking of the college student mobile phone: hijacked in custody



Chittagong reporter:
During the hijacking of the college student in the city’s Muradpur area, the local mob gave away the two hijackers to the police. This incident occurred on Monday morning when going for admission in college. Detainees arrested are dead. Abdul Malek’s son Abdul Gafur (50) and Abdul Gafur’s son Md. Tareq.
Bayazid Bostami Police Station sub-inspector Abu Taleb said, “Tania Akhter, a student of the college was caught in mobile in the Muradpur area. During the hijacking, the people detained two hijackers. Later, they informed the police about their local councilor’s office and arrested them and brought them to the police station.
His father said, “There are several cases of robbery and mugging against them. The operation has already been conducted with them. They are getting information about who they sell the hijacked mobile phones. Lawful actions will be taken against them. “


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