Oasep took Tk 50 crore as deposits 50 thousand subscribers in the forehead.” But suddenly, the company disappeared with money in 2016



Chittagong reporter:
Ocep, an NGO named after the greed of the underprivileged, has grabbed nearly 50 million taka of the customer. The allegations are that the officials and employees of the company disappeared with 50 thousand subscribers including day laborers, domestic workers, garment workers, taxi-rickshaw drivers.
On Sunday afternoon, more than three hundred people protested and protested against Ocep infront the Chittagong Press Club. It has been claimed that Oasep has grabbed 40 to 50 crore taka from around 50 thousand subscribers by showing greed for the poor. The founder of the company was late Dr. Jasim Uddin
the protesters said that the company started work in Chittagong in 2007. In 2012, attracting a couple of profits in four years, some people have been able to understand the money. After that, they are collecting customers by showing the greed for double profit and increasing the expiration for four years to five years. In this, the customers started depositing up to one thousand taka with a pass book, starting from 10 rupees daily. According to the agreement, in the end of March 2017, the customers were supposed to pay, but for more than a year the office of the Chittagong office is closed. Earlier in 2016, Jasim Uddin died. After the death, the matter of money laundering came openly. Later, the Oasip founder Jasim Uddin lodged at his house and said that the wife gave the money to return the money, said the workers.
According to the information provided by the workers, Oasep took Tk 50 crore as deposits from 57 thousand 154 customers of this organization till 2016.
Recently, Lucky Akter, a member of the company, was arrested from front of BGMEA building and handed over to the police. Later, they filed a case against seven people in Khulshi Police Station. In the case, Jasim Uddin’s wife Fatema Begum, Ocep field worker Lucky Akter, office officer Titu Kumar, Wahed Ali, Humayun Kabir, Mahidul Islam and Belal Uddin were accused in the case. Lucky Akter is currently in jail.
One day laborer Ajgar Ali said, “We are regularly collecting 10 tk daily, daily one thousand taka double two thousand tk.” But suddenly, the company disappeared with money in 2016. During the saving of money, we assured them that they would be paid double the amount of the accumulated money for 4 years. We invested in that hope. But today we are all sitting on the lost path. When Jasim Uddin died in 2016, we stayed in his house. He assured that his wife and local councilor Jasim Uddin would sell the house and pay the money. But after the end of 2017, after the end of the year 2018, we have been able to overcome all the possessions and end the days of extreme suffering
if you want to know about the issue, Enayet Bazar council councilor. Salim Ullah told, I do not know about such a matter. And why should I give them the answer? That question does not come. Some of them came to me once; I told them to take refuge in the law. I cannot do much more than this.
Meanwhile, in a statement issued by the company, in the year 2016, 26th anniversary of the announcement of the City Mayor and the Minister of Finance, the protesters protested. It is also a part of cheating customers.
Rokeya Begum has deposited the money for her daughter’s wedding. He said, after listening to the name of this NGO, I started to deposit money for the marriage of the girl. But they killed my money. I do not want money for money. I want my money back.
Meanwhile, Khulshi police station S Khwaja Enam Elahi said that the police are continuously conducting an operation to arrest other accused in the case. He said that we have already interrogated Lucky Akter who was arrested and remanded through the court. He also received important information from him. Our work is going to catch others.


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