A quarrel with the wife and husband father killed the child’s in Chittagong



Chittagong reporter:
Wife employs a garment factory in Chittagong, husband Baker About this time, dispute arises between wife and husband . Nirab Chakma, a 5-year-old child, has to pay the damages. On November 8, at the home of Chittagong, a quarrel with his wife he threw the soil in a remote hill and buried the earth. Kawaali Police Station arrested the murderer father in this incident. The body of the child was rescued and sent to the morgue in Rangamati. The case was filed with the police station. Kawkhali Police Station said that Ehkku Chakma, 26, son of deceased Subal Chakma resident of Khagrachari Gamari Dala area, lived with his wife in Chittagong. His wife was working in garment factories in Chittagong. Their only child, in their married life, is Nirab Chakma (5). The wife was unemployed even though she worked in the garment factory. As a result, there were frequent quarrels between the two people.
On November 8, before leaving the workplace, he left the only child in the custody of the husband and asked him to take care of the wife. But if her husband expressed her inability, she would have been disturbed. Unable to look after the child, the wife is angry and asks her to leave the house with her child.
On 9th November, when the wife went to work, Swami Ereku Chakma came to the remote Bagapara area of ​​Ghagra union of Kaukhali with only one son Nirab. Both of them traveled around the place for the day. The hungry children all day long wanted to have food for babies. But there was no food from my father. As soon as the evening approached, the father-in-law took the only child to a lonely place in Bagapara and pressed him with a throat and went off with soil and jungle. Failure to connect with her husband for a long time Later, relatives of their relatives came to know that her husband is staying at Ranbhamati Raj Bonibhar.
On Sunday (Sunday), with the help of relatives and locals, he arrested him after the interrogation and said that he had killed the child. After detaining, Kawkhali handed over the police to the wives and locals. According to the victim’s father, the police rescued the child’s muddy body from him through a remote jungle.
Kawkhali police officer in charge Md. Manzur Alam said that the police rescued the dead body and sent Rangamati to the post mortem examination. A case has been filed against the Kawkhali Police Station.


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