The influential people selling the soil in the hills of Ukhia cut



Chittagong bureau:
Various NGOs and donor agencies engaged in humanitarian services for the displaced Rohingyas from Myanmar continued to build the hills with the intention of their need. Alongside NGOs, there have been allegations of selling land to the hills by breaking the name of some influential miscreants NGOs of the area. Confirming the incident, Thangkhali forest officer said that three people have been prosecuted in Moinarnagona village for allegedly traffic the soil.
According to local forest department and witnesses, NGO agencies have set up several designated structures in different parts of Palangkhali union. Local Chairman M Gafur Uddin Chowdhury filed a complaint to the Upazila Nirbahi Officer complaining that the canals, rhymes and water bodies were filled up on the hill-affected soil. Gafur Uddin Chowdhury said that on the basis of the complaint, the NGOs stopped climbing the hills after assuring the digging of canals, but the hills were cut in full swing.
Majibur Rahman, son of Nurul Bashar of the village of Lionkhali Mainarnagona, said that after breaking the NGO, Saiyed Noor, Alamgir, son of local Noor Ahmed, and Eishur Rahman, son of Sayyidur Rahman cut the  clay near their buses and sold them for Tk 1.5 thousand. To prevent the trafficking of mountains, the miscreants mentioned the name of the WFP to be frightened by reducing the name.
The local former UP member and Awami League leader Fazl Kader Bhutto acknowledged the incident and said that the house of Mujibur Rahman had been threatened due to the closing of the hills surrounding the homestead. When asked about the matter, Thangkhali forest officer Benazat Manzur Morshed said that the passage of WFP’s Distribution Center was being trafficked. In this incident, complaints have been lodged against the police station against Sayeed Noor, Alamgir and Aishur Rahman.



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