No more boycotts. No matter how much the government has done ten numbers, all conspiracies will be united and resisted Dr. Kamal


Staff reporter:

The boycott of the election boycott is still not finished. Although the leader of the National Unity Front and the People’s Forum president Dr. Kamal Hossain said yesterday that once the boycott was the nation had to pay damages. No more boycotts. No matter how much the government has done ten numbers, all conspiracies will be united and resisted. He made the remarks at a grand rally of the National Advocates UnityFront on the Supreme Court premises yesterday.
Political observer news, the main ally of the national united front, with participation in the polls, is still in confrontation with the BNP. Party’s acting chairman Tarique Rahman agreed to take part in the first round of dialogue, but the Ganofram president said. He is a bit skeptical about the future of BNP seeing the monopoly over the decision of Kamal Hossain’s front.
It is learned that the process which is being decided by the alliance, the influence of the BNP seems to be shrinking due to the victory or defeat in the election. In the future, if there is a majority like formation of government, what will be the government’s role, what will be – it has not yet been opened in the national unity front. Besides, if the party is defeated, the party leaders have no clear idea about what will be the position of BNP. The fear of a section of the leaders of the BNP, like 2014, they are going to be trapped in another trap. In that case, there is a doubt about whether the mango sack will be out of hand. A member of the National Standing Committee on the issue said that a member of the party’s rice paddy suddenly said. Kamal Hossain took over. Although he had preserved the ‘rising Sun’ symbol of his own party, he agreed to take the rice grain as a front leader. But if he is told to pay tribute to the martyr of Ziaur Rahman, who was the owner of this rice symbol, or to declare Zia as the announcer of independence, then what will Kamal do to accept him? Kader Siddiqui has more than one vote, with a ‘gumcha’ symbol, he has won. But now he wants to fight in the rice grains. Unable to understand the reason why BNP leader In his words- the team also has the discomfort in relation to whether the team is trying to dismiss Begum Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman. Tarek Rahman himself is worried about these questions, said the member of the national standing committee, who was reluctant to reveal the name. So, with the upcoming vote, the tension prevails in the higher level of the BNP. Knowing this tension, the ruling party is a bit skeptical of voting. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said at a meeting of the different levels of the party ‘conspiracy’ with the ball is going on. But he did not explain the conspiracy.
Multiple sources of the political party said that in this situation, the national unity front leaders meeting with the editors of various national dailies on Friday, the question arises and they will finally contest the polls. Yesterday gave the answer of the national unity front leader Dr. Kamal Hossain.
The president of Ganoforam also said that there is nothing to shame the present government. If they had been there, they would not have been able to stay in power for a long time. He said, the government should give goldmodel for Bhutabaji. After the 2014 elections, a case was filed in the Supreme Court. Then the court called me amicus curie. The court wanted to know about that election. Then I said, in one word, it can be said that it is not a choice. However, when they say they have chosen due to the situation, they will choose another one quickly. So let’s have the opportunity. The senior lawyer said, fast election means what is 5 years? Is it the newly added word in Bengali dictionary? Little meaning 5 years. There should be limitations on vowababaji. They should give their Gold Medal in Bhuta Baji. We now want to get rid of vandalism.
The rally was chaired by Bangladesh Supreme Court Bar Association and Convener of the National Advisory Council Jainul Abedin. The secretary of the Supreme Court Bar and Secretary of the Unity Front member Mahbub Uddin Khokan are conducting the program. The main speaker was BNP secretary general and spokesperson of the national unity front Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir. BNP Standing Committee member Barrister Moudud Ahmed and Barrister Jamiruddin Sarkar, lawyer Khandaker Mahbub Hossain, BNP Vice Chairman Nitai Roy, BNP joint secretary general Syed Moazzem Hossain Alal and Ganabhaoram executive president Subrata Chowdhury spoke.


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