Export-oriented apparel garment factory has questioned the authenticity of ten years of merchandise with Japan due to two thieves


Chittagong bureau:

Export-oriented apparel garment factory has questioned the authenticity of ten years of merchandise with Japan due to two thieves. Japan’s Indip Company was able to understand the aparles wrong due to low demand against products. During the time of theft, the thief’s mobile phone falls into the cartoon. According to the source of the mobile phone that was rescued in Japan, the sadarghat police station of the city was found after the thievery syndicate. Four people were arrested. Japan’s Indip’s business relationship to Apparles is not lost, but the image of Bangladesh has diminished abroad. Everyone knows they are contracting exportable garments. In a luxurious flat house they are the owners of Salka-Dulabhai crores. The family members also know that they are contractors. The fact is that they steal the goods taken for export in Kabhidravan. Two persons masked are – Abul Kashem of Shariatpur and Fateyabad of Hathazari. Iqbal Kashem Halishahar resides in Shapala residential area and Iqbal Agrabad has its own building.
Although Kashem’s house was Shariatpur, the voter was voted at the place of Thandamiya Colony in Jigichand Mosque area of ​​West Madarbari city. To facilitate theft of goods from the cover, the city’s out-of-the-box and the Mirsharai barrierhat have their own goondas. Keeping the seal of the covered van tactically, the doors were closed and the doors were closed as usual by stealing a carton from the carton.
Sadarghat police inspector (OC) said. Nezam Uddin said, Kashem and Iqbal have long been involved in stealing garment products sent for export. There is a group organized in their control. Four of them were arrested. They said that Iqbal and his brother-in-law were the main culprits of stealing Kashem. Due to these, the image of Bangladesh is getting tarnished in the international market.
Japan sells more than six thousand jackets in the city’s premises in Bangladesh’s premises. As usual, the jacket shipment reached Japan’s Indip company. But the carton opened and found there was less than three thousand jackets. But inside a carton, a mobile phone of Walton Company found in Banglalink SIM was found. Japan’s Indip’s ten-year business deal with Apparles on the issue is a breach of faith. In this regard, the garment factory filed a case with Sadarghat Police Station. Sadarghat thana police arrested four people involved in the stolen jacket after the carton was found inside the carton.
Anwar Hossain, commercial manager of Apparel Garments, said they have been making fun of various products including jacket for Japan’s tenure of ten years. On September 5, 224 cartons were sent to six thousand seven hundred twenty jacket conveyances (Chattemeto-T-02-0707) in Sitakunda – Portlink Depot in Bhanubazar. Portlinks, as usual, cartons explain shipping agents to Global. Through the Global Canapora Agent of Japan, 224 cartons are delivered to Indip. The opening of the indep carton shows six thousand seven hundred twenty jackets, two thousand seven hundred and 34 jackets less. Whose price is ten lakh However, a cartoon jacket received a mobile phone from Firdi Shan
OC Nezam said that four people who were involved in the theft of goods after the day-long operation on Saturday, from the night of last night, were arrested. The arrestees were identified as Kawsar Hossain, son of late Kamal Hossain, son of late Harun Ur Rashid, Sajjad Hossain alias Saddam, son of Abul Hossain, and Shahadat, son of Abul Hossain, Fatehabad area.
In the initial interrogation of the police, Shahadat said that his cousin Iqbal contracted the exportable goods for garments. Iqbal’s brother-in-law also involved in the same business Signals from the city and Bararhat area of ​​Mirsarai have their own gundog. Apparel Garments’ jacket covered  was taken out of Signal God own. They have stolen exportable goods from eight to ten covered vehicles in the last three months.
Regarding the stealing of exportable goods by opening door seals or cartons, Shahadat said, there are 20 to 30 workers under the control of Kashem and Iqbal. The door of the cover of the cover of the cover of the door and the whole doors are opened. There are a few workers who cut out the carton tape with blades and cut out eight to ten products from each carton. Apparel garment jackets were similarly exposed.
Saddam, the arrested, said that he had two murder cases for 2012 in Hathazari thana. From 013 to 2014, there was one year prison. After being released on bail, Tablig has gone more than once. In the last five months, Iqbal and Kashem took part in stealing goods from eight cover wives.


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