Why Narendra Modi is so jealous of me if he becomes PM?


International desk:
Hero Alam has nominated the nomination form to be the candidate of eleventh parliamentary election. There was a sudden crying about such news. The social network of Facebook has got ridiculous about this star. In many places,
Criticism begins. However, Bogra’s Hero Alam is not taking any criticism to Amol. Rather than blowing up this satire, he has drawn the example of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as an inspiration.
In his statement, “Narendra Modi has become the Prime Minister of a big country like India, from tea shopkeeper. Why are you jealous if I want to fight in Parliament? I am a citizen of this country I can also play a role in building beautiful Bangladesh.
At one time, Hero Alam was working in a CD in Bogra. The business of the D-line started in Dhaka. After that, he made several music videos-short films, uploaded to Facebook and YouTube and became known throughout the country overnight.
The hero Alam now considers him an international star. Worked in the country’s picture In Bollywood and Kolkata movies, Said, ‘About three and a half million followers on Facebook But many people are mocking me. ‘
With confidence, he said, ‘no one has harmed anyone in the life of hero Alam. I gave a speech to the people, and I will be the candidate of the Jatiya Sangsad in the election. That’s why I bought the nomination form. Hero Alam puts any words to anyone. ‘
Hero Alam has selected more than one member of his constituency. Lose every time. He has purchased the Jatiya Party nomination form to contest the 11th parliamentary election. He submitted the form to the central committee of the Bogra-4 constituency.


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