There is no fair election anywhere in the world 100 percent fair elections are not possible -nElection Commissioner Kabita Khanam



Staff reporter:
Election Commissioner Kabita Khanam commented that there is no fair election anywhere in the world. He said, we want to make an acceptable and participatory election, which will not have any questions. He said this at the workshop of Assistant Returning Officers of Rajshahi, Rangpur and Khulna divisions on Friday morning. Poetry khanam said 100 percent fair elections are not in any country; our country will not be there. We want an acceptable and participative election, which are above all questions. The Election Commissioner called upon the Assistant Returning Officers to remain vigilant about the fact that the festival does not become hostile in any way. He said, today the election is blowing in Bangladesh. This instruction must certainly not be hostile until it is formed by the Parliament. He said, you will not make any judgments by deliberately or affectionate. Keep an eye on the same behavior for everyone. He warned the Assistant Returning Officers that it is not so negligent to perform the duties. You will be honest in picking a fair selection and acceptable selection.


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