Docudrama released ‘Hasina: A Dotter Tale’ The film was released on Friday in the four theaters of Dhaka and Chittagong


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Docudrama released ‘Hasina: A Dotter Tale’ the film was released on Friday in the four theaters of Dhaka and Chittagong. Who’s surrounded the main character of the film, he himself was the actress of that character. Pipalu Khan made the film about the person and political life of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. In the words of Piplu Khan- “Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, this documentary has tried to tell the stories of Bangabandhu and daughter Hasina real life. How did the ‘Bubu’ of sixteen crore people become a prominent politician, according to the 70-minute documentary ‘Sheikh Hasina: A Dotter’s Tale’. Radwan produced the documentary on behalf of the Center for Research and Information Center (CRI) of Awami League. Mujib Siddique and Nasrul Hamid Bipu Talking about his sad life after the August 15, 1975, in Dhaka, Sheikh Rehana’s younger daughter Sheikh Rehana became very emotional. Rehana said, ‘Bengalis will kill my father in Bangladesh, it was also out of the idea’. He further said, on 14th August, with whom we had candle light dinner in Germany, they did not recognize our two sisters the next day. Even our car did not even go up. He said the car was damaged. How people forget all in a short period of time. Later, in the context of returning from Germany to India, Sheikh Rehana said, at a flight of Air India, we arrived at Palam Airport in Delhi by 25 o’clock on August 25. Special arrangements include Sheikh Hasina, Wazed Mia and their two children win and dolls and I came back to a house in Delhi.
Sheikh Rehana said in Doukudrama, “We are brought from the airport at a house in the Defense Colony of New Delhi. The house had a drawing-cum-dining room and two bedrooms, each with a bathroom. Do not go out of the house, to anyone there
Sheikh Hasina, Sheikh Rehana and Late Wazed Miah changed the name of Mr. Talukder, Mrs. Talukder and Miss Talukdar, who were staying there because of not giving us identity and not contacting anyone in Delhi. Rehana
‘Hasina: A Dotter Tale’ depicts Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana’s emotive voices and scenes in Dukfilmata, depicting the exiled life cycle of two sisters during the sad demise of Bangabandhu in 1975. The film was filmed by Sadiq Ahmed. Edited by Nabnita Sen and music directed by Debjyoti Mishra.


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