Bid tightening of the Awami League pressure in the BNP


Staff reporter:
There is no pressure on the ruling Awami League over its allies to leave the alliance partners in the upcoming eleven parliamentary elections. But the alliance and the allies of the twenty-party alliance have begun bargaining with the BNP leaders in the sharing of seats. However, BNP is assuring leadership partners that the party where there is a possibility of winning will be allowed there. Meanwhile, Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi has announced that he will start interviewing BNP nominee candidates on Sunday. The interview will be held at Gulshan office of the party. After finalizing the party’s candidature, the alliance will decide the sharing of seats with the partners.
Awami League general secretary and labor minister Obaidul Quader told reporters after the party’s parliamentary board meeting in Awami League’s Dhanmondi office on Friday morning, the seat will be distributed among alliance partners in this week by finalizing the party nomination within two to three days. Awami League could give a maximum of 60 to 65 seats for the participants. The party will share the seats considering the situation of allies and their candidates.
Many leaders of the Awami League policy-level committee said that Awami League will nominate candidates for counting of votes to ensure victory in the next election. In addition to the party candidate, the candidate will also be matched with this account. Surveys have been conducted in the form of preparations for a long time. Awami League President Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made a report on the status of the MPs and candidates of the coalition partners as well as the MPs and candidates of the Jatiya Sangsad. Based on the survey report, the seats will be shared with the final candidate and the parties.
Talking to Awami League leaders, they can leave the maximum 60 seats for the alliance in the next election. In that case 40 to 45 parties and 14 parties, including the alternative parties, could give 15 seats to the two parties. Or the Jatiya Party’s 42/43 and others including 14 parties can be 17/18. However, more than 60 seats are not likely to be allocated, they said. Although the party’s general secretary Obaidul Qader has asked to leave 65 seats. But sources said that 60 percent of the party’s decision-making stages are being considered.
Asked about this, a member of Awami League Presidium member and member of the nomination board told Purbakon that the Jatiya Party currently has 32 seats in the parliament. If maximum, the total of 42 can be given to them with a maximum of 10 more.
A Jatiya Party sources said, currently the Jatiya Party has claimed 70 seats. They will move further away from this demand. The demand for Jatiya Party can fall below 50 Because the Jatiya Party does not want to go to the opposition party. They demanded the formation of the government together and unite, they said.
Elections will be highly contested if the BNP and the national united front come to the polls. Because of this, Awami League will account for a lot of reimbursement in seats. Awami League President Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has already told Jatiya Party chairman Hussein Muhammad Ershad that all seats in such seats will be won only if they want to win the seats. The Jatiya Party also wants to be the partner of power by ensuring victory. So, the Jatiya Party will not be able to bargain too much with the share sharing, sources said.
In addition to the Jatiya Party, six of the party’s Workers Party 6 and Jasad’s 5, the Tariqat Federation 2, the Jatiya Party (JP), elected MPs in 1 constituency are in the parliament. After the demolition of JSD, there were 3 people in one part and 2 in another. Meanwhile, the United Front led by B Chowdhury also agreed to elect a joint election with the Awami League. Awami League sources said that the front can be given the maximum 3-4 seats.

The National Unity Front’s main partner BNP has ended Friday’s nomination party nomination. It has been known that 4,112 forms have been sold in the last four days. From this place, 300 leaders will be selected for the 3 hundred seats. The selection will start tomorrow from Sunday. After finalizing the list of party candidates, hands will be given to alliance’s allotment seats. Multiple policymakers of the party said that BNP could spare a maximum of 100 seats for alliance partners. In addition to the three outgoing parties of the United Front, the alliance partners of the twenty-party alliance have already handed over the list of 150 seats to BNP’s Standing Committee member Nazrul Islam.
One of the main partners of the united front. Kamal Hossain’s team Ganoforam has made a list of 25 people in the party and it is known that the list of 25 people, including 25 people, has been handed over to the BNP. Besides, the list of 26 people of Jessore JD-30 and Mahmudur Rahman has been submitted to the BNP.
A leader of the BNP’s policy-making committee said that the alliance partners of the twenty-party alliance could get 50 seats in all. The decision will be taken after discussions with the leaders of the united front.
It is known that the BNP has demanded 50 seats for the BNP, even if the registration is lost, Jamaat-e-Islami However, it is known that the party can get maximum of 30 seats. Senior Joint Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Shahadat Hossain Selim said, “We have given list of 30 seats.”
Meanwhile, Maj Gen (retd) Syed Muhammad Ibrahim, led by Bangladesh Kalyan Party, sought 12 seats. Party General Secretary MM Aminur Rahman said, “We are preparing accordingly.
Jatiya Party’s Jatiya Party (Jatiya Party) leader Mostafa Jamal Haider said that they wanted 21 seats for the alliance. Islami based Jamiat Ulama (A section) Secretary General Maulana Mohiuddin Ikram also sought 5 seats for the alliance.
Meanwhile, the Democratic League wanted a seat near the alliance. Party Secretary General Saifuddin Moni said, I want to hold my election in Mymensingh-8 constituency. Shafiul Alam chief’s party National Democratic Party (JAGPA) sought six seats for the alliance in the polls.
Barrister Andalib Rahman Partha Bangladesh Jatiya Party (BJP) general secretary Abdul Matin Saud said their party demanded two seats for the alliance. Meanwhile, one Bhola-1 and the other is Dhaka-5. Besides, the National Democratic Party (NDP) 5, Samyabadi Dal 5, Islamic Party 2, NAP (Bhasani) 5, Jamiyat ulamay Islam (Mufti Waqqas) 6, Peoples League (Advocate Garib Newaz) 4.


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