5 nomination forms submitted to Chittagong seats 6 women want to be a rice ear


Chittagong reporter:

Six women from Chittagong took the nomination forms from the BNP and contested the election for eleven parliamentary elections. One of them was a former MP. Others are all new They have submitted nominations for the first time in the election. 6 women nominees have been nominated in five constituencies from 16 parliamentary constituencies in Chittagong. They are Begum Nuri Ara Chafa, Jasmina Khanam, Barrister Shakila Farzana, Begum Fatema Badsha, Advocate Farida Akter and Jannatul Naim Chowdhury Riku. Begum Nuri Ara Chafa and Jasmine Khanam submitted the nomination forms in Chittagong-2 (Fatikchari) seat. Begum Nuri Ara Chhaa was earlier elected as the sixth parliamentary election on 15 February 1996 and BNP MP in the reserved seats in the first parliamentary elections on October 1, 2001. She is the former president of the women’s central committee and currently the Central Women Affairs Secretary of the BNP. Jasmine Khanam submitted the nomination form from BNP to the same seat reserved women councilor of Chittagong City Corporation.

City BNP Vice-President Jesseena Khanam was elected as the councilor of South Kothali in the last City corporetion election; Rampur 25 no. 25 and North Halishahar ward 26 Azimpur of his village 10 in the district of Fatikchhari, Azimpur of his village.
When asked about Begum Nuri Ara Saifa and Jasmina Khanam told daily Muslim times “I will make the selection if the party nominates.” If there is no nomination for the reason, the party will work for the candidate who will.
Barrister Shakila Farzana submitted nomination for election from Chittagong-5 (Hathazari upazila and city corporation ward) ward. She is the daughter of former BNP chairperson’s adviser and ex-whip of the parliament Syed Wahidul Alam. His father Syed Wahidul Alam was elected as the Upazila Chairman from Hathazari before becoming a Member of Parliament. Later, on 15 February 1996, 1996, in the same year, 12 June and in 2001, he was elected a member of parliament from the BNP. Following his father’s footsteps, the girl named Shakila Farzana, who went to the field of politics, went to the footsteps of her father. He is a member of the convening committee of the North District BNP and the Joint Secretary of the Central Committee of Nationalist Lawyers Forum. After the death of Syed Wahidul Alam on May 27, he became more active in the field of politics. Hathazari is going to perform various programs of the party.
Barrister Shakila Farzana said, “My father Syed Wahidul Alam is the Chairman of Hathazari Upazila Parishad and was elected a member of parliament for five times I would like to elect him as his successor. I will definitely choose if the party nominated me if the candidate does not nominate the candidate who will be working for him on behalf of the candidate.
Advocate Farida Akter hoped to nominate women in Chittagong-6 (Raozan) seat. She is the President of the North District Women’s Party. His village house in Rauzan 9 Pahartali Union regarding the nomination, he said, “If the party nomination, I will definitely select. If not, then the team will work for him. ‘
Begum Fatema Badshah has accepted and submitted the nomination form from BNP to select parliamentary seats in Chittagong-9 (Kotwali-Baklia). He was the senior vice-president of the city women’s team and the former joint secretary of women’s central committee.
Jatiya Party’s general secretary Jannatul Nayem Chowdhury Riku has submitted nomination form to the central office of the party to contest from Chittagong-15 (Satkania-Lohagara) constituency. Presently he is the women affairs secretary of Satkania BNP women affairs committee His village house in Nalua of the upazila. Prior to that, he was elected Vice-Chairman of the post for the upazila parishad elections in 2014.
Begum Fatema Badsha and Jannatul Naim Chowdhury Riku, on the nomination, confirmed the submission of the nomination form and said, “If the nominations are received from the party, I will definitely select.” There is no problem even if the nomination is not given. I will work for the party who will nominate. ‘


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