UK-EU negotiations into break agreement



After months of negotiations, the UK and EU officials agreed on the draft text of a break agreement.
A UK cabinet source told the BBC that after a close discussion this week, the initial agreement between the officials of both the sides was made regarding the document.
On Wednesday at the local time of the UK, at a special meeting of the Cabinet, Prime Minister Terzyma will ask ministers to support the draft document.
TERIJA is in a separate meeting with the drafting document, with every minister at its Downing Street office, the BBC said.
Analysts warn that analysts have warned that the pound and the euro against the dollar after the negotiations between the two parties could be short-term, because the British cabinet and the Parliament’s approval ceases.
The EU said that they can ‘review’ the draft document on Wednesday; the Ireland government, on the other hand, said the talks were ‘ongoing and there was no decision yet’.
The BBC said they could not say anything about the summary of the draft because the details of the draft agreement were not published.
However, there is a statement that the possible agreement for the breakdown of the UK from the European Union will be 500 pages and there is a statement about the future relationship between the EU and the UK.
Shortly after publishing a report on what some leading bookmakers can have on the document, such as Boris Johnson and Jacob Reese-Magg, criticized it.


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