Token trade in purchasing public works tender


Chittagong reporter:
The building of Agrabad was suspended by the Public Works Department’s 11 abandoned buildings and the construction of the Tender Schedule to purchase the ‘token’ was done. On Wednesday, a contractor general has said that the syndicate has set up a guard at the public office to control the tender. Some contractors have not been given the tender form without ‘token’.
According to the sources, on Oct 31, the Public Works Department published the sale of 11 tenders in the Agargaon SGS Colony, the sale of the bid for the reconstruction and the sale of tenders for the reconstruction. Yesterday was the last day of buying the tender on Wednesday. Auctioneer tender is invited from contractors, listed in any government, semi-government, autonomous organization. However, several contractors were found to be obstructing the tendering process. The complainants said that a syndicate of the local Jubo League, Chhatra League, took control of the auction program fully. Tender to anyone other than their people
did not buy.
According to contractual sources, public works have been selling tender for 11 buildings. These buildings will be broken and renewed. But many contractors were unable to buy the tender by submitting the money in the notice.
A contractor, who is reluctant to disclose the name, told the daily Muslim times, “We usually apply for application to the Executive Engineer and we have to buy the tender and submit some documents after submission of the money. But on the last day of the day to buy tender, in the accounting room on the second floor of the Public Works building, a number of youths named by local Chhatra League-Jubo League were sitting in that room. If they want to buy the tender, they ask whether the public is listed as a public office. They also want to see Vat, Income Tax etc. When they asked for their identity, they forced them out of the room. They also slapped a number of slaps like me. I later learned that they are not allowing anyone to take the schedule without their own people. ‘
Although the tenders did not buy, it is known that a handwritten token has been given from the syndicate for the tender. It is seen in such a token, that there is no liability for money when you go to the tender. On the day of tender, the pay order of 10 lakh taka will be submitted. If you do not give the schedule, the money will be forfeited. “The signature of two people is also seen in Token Although it is not known who these signatures are.
The local influential group first bought the tender in the auction. After auctioning again they sold them like them. Meanwhile, public officials of the Public Works Department did not know anything about tokens and influential people. Yesterday afternoon, the house was found in the building, several youths on the floor and the gate were divided into small groups.
Executive Engineer of Chittagong Division of Public Works Asif Imroz told the daily Muslim times, we got some complaints. Those who accused me, I told them to meet them directly. “Tender sales are going naturally,” she said, “Tender is not being sold from here only. Auction bids are also being accepted in the office of the Divisional Commissioner, Police Commissioner’s Office. Therefore, the allegation of not submitting the tender cannot be completely true. “He said,” I have not heard of such a thing. We have received receipts for those who have deposited us here. “He also said, we are expanding the time of submission of tenders. The timepiece notification will be published.


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