The police box vandalized and a motorcycle fire in Anowara murder case


Chittagong bureau:
Traffic Police beat a driver on the incident police motorcycle burned in the fire. The incident took place at Chattari Choumuhana in Anowara upazila on Wednesday. During this time the movement of the traffic for two hours is closed. After deploying additional police, the situation was brought under control.
Witnesses said Rubel (32 years), son of Shafiqul Islam, resident of West Baku village of Bramnpara Police station of Comilla district was going to the city of Chittagong by carrying a cover van on Dhaka Metro-T-22-4935. When the car reached Anoura-Chattari Choumuhni from Banskhali, the traffic police stopped him. The police verified that the validity of his vehicle papers was valid. It is alleged that, after all things were okay, at one point of time it was demanded for excellence. When he was unable to pay the money, he was beaten inside the car. An angry truck driver rubbed the car into the middle of the road. There were tensions between other drivers at the time. Police with the help of a young man named Munna dragged the driver Rubel to the police box and dragged him out. There, Munna struck the driver’s head with a stick. After seeing the bloody head of the driver Rubel, people rage and surrounded the police and vandalized the police box and set fire to the police motorcycle. At that time the entire area became a battleground. A team from Anowara Fire Service brought the fire under control and quickly brought the fire under control. Two policemen were injured during the incident. For two hours the movement of traffic was closed due to the increase in traffic of people. After deploying additional police, the situation was brought under control.
Locals complained that a young man named Munna had been earning regular money from the drivers of the traffic police by creating awareness among the traffic police for a long time. Yesterday the cover world driver ruble when the people did not give money, they beat him with a stick, and then the people took the stand. Injured Rubel told reporters that I was seriously injured when the police members hit the stick with a stick with the help of the outsiders for not paying the money to the police, although the license was correct. Meanwhile, in an inebriated condition, he was admitted to Anowara Police Station Anowara Hospital. Immediately after the incident, Additional Superintendent of Police Sohail Mahmud of Chittagong South appeared on the spot. When contacted, TI Nazrul Islam, on charge of Chattri-Choumohani Bazar Traffic, admitted the truth about the incident of police vandalism and burnt the police, said there is no involvement of the police in this incident. No policeman was injured. This incident happened in the public. When contacted, Anowara Police Station OC Dulal Mahmud said that the people of the city were vandalized and torched police motorcycles. Many people have been accused in the case filed with the police station by name of 8/10 people due to loss of government property. The police filed the case with the plaintiff. No one was arrested on the incident until the report was written.
It is learned that a young man named Monna, along with the traffic police, earned CNG taxis and other drivers with money by threatening the case. Although the car drivers were being hostage for a long time, no one could open their mouth. In Anwara upazila law-and-law meeting, it was repeatedly discussed. No effective measures were taken. Locals believe that on Wednesday as drivers and locals used to be honest, they used to be honest. Munna is absconding since the incident.


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