Setting up the block at Tk 250 crore No Chances of breaking into a coincidence Chandanaish



Chittagong reporter:
After the country’s independence, the people of the river Shankha can cross the rainy season without worrying. Every year, when the rainy season came, the people of the river Shankha were suffering day and night due to suffering and misery. When Sankh River falls down on the hills, the Bhate-house and the land go down.
The life of the people of the Sekhkh shore area is spent in the rainy season after leaving Nawa and eating. People of Sankh Para spent their nights on the brink of destruction when the monsoon broke. Abdul Malek, 60-year-old Shankha coastal north of Kaliyas Mengapara village of Satkania, said that during the first monsoon season, after 60 years of life, it is possible to spend night and night safely without fear of breaking the sankh. And it was possible due to the blocking of the two parts of the breakdown. This is the first time that the first house of the Sankh river has not disappeared in the river bed after fifty years. In addition to this, one and a half million people of 10 villages of Chandanaish-Satkania upazila on the bank of the Shankha River also have the same thing.
This year there was no anxiety among the people in the rainy season. Many floods and hailstorms created during the monsoon, but their crops, including vegetables and vegetables, were flown out of the fields, but they were not very sad. They said, the block-setting of the Chittagong-14 constituency, Nazrul Islam Chowdhury, was set up at a cost of Tk 200 billion to prevent the erosion of the river Sankh. As a result, the residents did not have to spend their nights in the rainy season this year. It is known that, hundreds of houses, thousands of acres of land and government-owned structures have been protected from the anniversary of the end of the Sekha River. In the eroded villages, the 11km block is located on the two sides of the river, this year, a house cannot be eroded by the destruction of the conch. Not a house was lost, not even a single house – land too. Because of the prevention of erosion, the areas which have been completely protected from the breakdown of the conch, Chandanish’s Dhopachhari Bazar, Raozoara, Chagachar, Jafarabad, Char-Barma, Barma, Baitoli and Satkania Upazila, Mianyadabad, Bomanghat, Ku-Kul, North Kaliyish, Mengapara, Amirkhel . Many people including Ahmed Kabir, Sair Ahmad Said, Abul Kalam Azad, Sona Mia, resident of Sankhpara have expressed their satisfaction over establishing a block against the violation of Sankh, said that since birth, they are experiencing the horrors of breaking down of the conch Ever wondered if anyone would take action to prevent erosion. But after a long period of time, with the help of Awami League party MP Nazrul Islam Chowdhury, hundreds of families from 10 villages of Sankhpar have been protected from the breakdown of Sankh.
In the villages of Sankhpar, it is known that erosion began on both sides of the Sankha before 1971. From that time till last 2016, the river erosion in the river erosion due to the devastating erosion of the river, more than ten thousand home-dwellers. Besides, hundreds of acres of land area, more than fifty mosques, temples, public-private educational institutions, markets, shrines, cemeteries and cremation facilities. Thousands of families are lost landless in the rainy season due to the destruction of forests in the rainy season. Many families have become destitute due to breakdown. Besides, many of the villagers are forced to leave the area without leaving the place to stay.

The map of Chandanaish-Satkania Upazila has also changed in many cases even after the breakdown of the conch. Nobody came forward to prevent erosion in the long run even after so much damage. As a result, the breakdown of the cone increased without any interruption. In the middle water development boards tried to prevent erosion more than once, but it was not heard that the people affected by the devastation were greatly benefited. When the anxiety was rising in the wake of the menace, Nazrul Islam Chowdhury, MP of the area came forward. He was able to allocate Tk 200 billion to the concerned ministry through the Water Development Board to prevent the erosion of the cones by trying so much. Beginning in the middle of 2016, the work of preventing breaks People in the area also came forward to assist in erosion prevention work throughout the area. They volunteered to help many contractors participate in many activities. The contractor will be working for nearly two years. Still the block installation is going on. Even if the work is not completed, the people of Sankhach got the benefits of setting up blocks. Concerned about the breakdown of the conch, MP Nazrul Islam Chowdhury said, after the election, he took the first challenge on priority basis, to prevent the erosion of Sankh and the people who had broken the river bank from their miseries. He said, after presenting the summons to the Prime Minister about the breakdown of the conglomerate, he took the matter seriously and ordered the concerned ministry to take effective steps to prevent erosion. According to the instructions of the Prime Minister, allocation of Tk.220 crores has been started and the work of anti-breakdown of the conch started. As a result, the work of establishing a block in the area of ​​11 kilometers per square foot of the river Sankh is in the final phase. He said that in the first monsoon season, a vetabari was not lost in the river of the river Sankh. Arup Chowdhury, who is in charge of the Water Development Board, Patti, deputy divisional engineer said that the rest of the work to stop the breakdown of the cone will be completed quickly. After the completion of the installation of the block, the success of the breakdown resistance will be 100 percent sure.


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