In the coastal forest reserve area in Sitakunda try to Digging canals: Forest department blocking to efforts



Chittagong reporter:
He is the chairman of the union council of salimpur But send people to do the canal digging Bhatiari Union Parishad area. It is again in the coastal forest reserve! As a result the forest was cut in the name of canal mining, the people of the area thought that the people of the area. When the tension arose, the area’s chairman, members and forest officials stopped the work in the area. The sensational incident took place in Tulatali village of Sitakunda Bhatiari union of Chittagong.
According to local sources, there is a reserve forest in the coastal mausoleum of Bhatiari union. An influential group on the 21 acres of forest in this forest has been trying to build the ship breaking yard. But there are thousands of trees, local MP Alhaj Didarul Alam sent letters to the concerned departments not to allow yards. Then the yard construction stopped. On Tuesday morning, the people of Salimpur Union Parishad chairman, Alamas Khatun, women member of the area, suddenly broke the forest trees stored with a sketter and started resuming a canal with a sketter inside. Viewing the matter, the chairman-members of the Bhatiyari stopped the work by obstructing them. Asked the chairman of the Bhatiyari said. Nazim Uddin said, the canal in Bhatiari Union area. It is also in the reserve forest. Salimpur’s chairman came to my area to leave the area and started dredging to revive the canal for unknown reasons. As a result, our members, including Moinuddin, were prevented. Chairman Nazim said that there was a problem with the forest. There are occasionally cut trees to shipyards. Meanwhile, hundreds of canvas trees have cut down the influential people. Now the chairman of the neighboring union is coming out dredging and everyone is thinking that the process of further deforestation is going on. UP member of the area Moin Uddin said, the people of the next Union people are going to dig the canal of our area, how it is! In fact, a person named MA Qasim Raja has been trying hard to make the shipyard here without taking any kind of law. But due to thousands of trees, the work is not easy. So here we are thinking that there is a mission to cut trees in the name of dredging. He said people of the forest department also came here during the incident. But they stood like a silent spectator. However, Chittagong North Kattli Forest Bit Range Officer Sultanul Alam Chowdhury claimed that forest department also hindered the work. He said, due to the problem of forest in the past, instead of the two guards we have now appointed 6 guards. Today, we have asked them to stop the work by blocking them who came to dredge. Because of this dredging can cause trees to fall.
Meanwhile, Alamach Khatun, female member of Salimpur Union Parishad headed by Dredging, said that due to the canal, many people of Salimpur suffered from sufferings. So the canal was being dug under the government’s 40-day program. But the work was stopped due to obstruction in the area. Salimpur UP chairperson Salahuddin Aziz said that due to the waterlogged the canal filled with water, there is a lot of public incidence in the rainy season. That is why we were dredging the canal for public interest, not for any other purpose. But many are preventing it. Sitakunda Upazila Nirbahi Officer Milton Roy said, “Bhatiari, the chairman of the Bhatiari, called me the job has been closed.


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