Election of the Parliament: Two have been collected … Chakaria-Pekua BNP candidate Salahuddin or wife


Chittagong reporter:
BNP standing committee member and state minister for former communications minister Salahuddin Ahmad. Hasina Ahmed, a member of the central committee member of the same party. They are husband and wife of each other. These two leaders of BNP have won four times in the four parliamentary elections from 1996 to 2008 in Cox’s Bazar-1 (Chakaria-Pekua) constituency. Among them, Husband Salahuddin was elected three times and Hasina Ahmed was elected a Member of Parliament. If the BNP is elected in the eleventh parliamentary elections to be held on 30 November, any one of the husband and wife will contest from this seat. In order to achieve that, two party nomination papers for the husband and husband including them Hasina Ahmed, a former MP, has collected.
Pekua Sadar resident Salahuddin Ahmed got acquainted with former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia’s duty of performing the APS. Later in 1996, he was elected twice a short time and in 2001 was elected a member of parliament. At that time, he established Pekua Upazila with five unions (currently 7) from undivided Chakaria. In 2008, he could not choose due to legal complications. Instead, she took part in the 9th parliamentary election, her wife Hasina Ahmed When the husband and wife are in the four stages of the parliament, they are pampered with the newly laid back pakua. The development is comprehensive. At that time, there was a complaint that there was a lot of shock behind the development. Even after the BNP or Khaleda-Tarek, or Salahuddin Ahmed’s plans and direction, the activities and leadership of the BNP in Chakaria-Pekua are being carried out. Even after he was rescued in Shillong in India after being rescued in 2015, the leaders of the BNP leaders said that organizing activities under Chakaria-Pekuasaha Cox’s Bazar district are under their direction.
Already, the eleventh parliamentary elections will be held in close proximity. The Election Commission has announced the schedule. Hasina Ahmed has collected a nomination papers for her husband and Salahuddin Ahmed for taking part in the December 30 elections, confirmed Salahuddin Ahmed’s press secretary, journalist Safwanul Karim.
Many local leaders of the local BNP said that there has been a type of stigma – party activities due to the attack and case of Chakaria-Pekua in the last five years. In the light of the central program, peaceful meetings and meetings were not even given. Yet, if the election is neutral, then Salahuddin Ahmad or his wife Hasina Ahmed will be the winner if they do not have the candidate’s name.
Asked about the candidate and the election, former lawmaker Advocate Hasina Ahmed said that this seat is the base of BNP. In addition to the party, ordinary people are my husband Saladuddin’s fans. If I select BNP, my husband Salahuddin Ahmed will be the candidate in Chakaria-Pekua seat. He is currently staying in Shillong of India. I will take part in the election if he can not choose due to legal complications. To that end, I have kept the public with the leaders and activists of BNP, parts and associations of Pekua.
He also said that if the election is neutral, people will get the chance to vote, and then the candidate of the paddy field will win the Cox’s Bazar-1 seat.


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