35 private educational institutions in the half-kilometer 16 No Chawkbazar ward area



Chittagong reporter:
35 educational institutions have been developed in the semi-kilometer area of ​​Chawkbazar. Apart from Chittagong College, Mohsin College, Chittagong Government High School and three government primary schools, the location of such private educational institutions has given different recognition to the area. However, many people called education trade in progress. 35 private schools and colleges have been established in the city from Chakbazar Chakshopar marketer, at Kapasagola Road, Gulzar Road, Lalchand Road, College Road and Chatteshwari Road. Among them, Karnaphuli School and College, Chittagong Zilla College, Commerce College, Chittagong Science College, Chittagong Laboratory School and College, South Asian College Science Care, Academy Aid, Newcastle University College, Newcastle Diploma Engineering, FM International School, Parents Care School and College .

 The coaching centers include: Seguin Plus, Science Care, Science Point, Flow, Commerce Point, Arts Point, Academia Coaching Homes, Ivas Chittagong Branch, Math Care, Art Zone, Florence Nursing Coaching, University Admission Coaching Center, Retina Medical Admission Coaching, Index, Prime and Paragon. Locals said that these companies have been formed around Chittagong College and Mohsin College. There are so many educational institutions in this area which are often causing problems in the students in choosing the best kind of bad. Two Coaching Centers, some SSC exams have been reported, where the value of reading more money is better than others. There are fewer values ​​to read in less money. So they are studying at a good coaching center with more money. The owners of the company are taking more money to complain.



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