20 people die in one month Gas Cylinder is rising in the bomb blast



Chittagong bureau:
Risk of death is increasing day by day with explosive accidents due to use of standard and expired cylinders. At least 20 people have died in gas cylinder blasts in different areas of Chittagong in the last one month. Besides, more than 50 people were injured. The blast occurred due to the negligence of the concerned authorities, said Victim and the Conscious Mahal.
Not only gas cylinders, but also in the case of natural gas line explosion, the number of casualties increased. Due to the low quality cylinders used in transport, the number of accidents is not less than the last one and a half months according to medical data. Although these cylinders have a rule of re-test five years later, nobody believes it. Last Monday night, three laborers named Manik Hossain, Hirok Molla and Sajjad Hossain were burnt in the gas cylinder explosion while doing work on the Karnaphuli Shikkalaya boat. Among them, Sajjad and Hirok Molla transferred the doctor to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. The remaining Sajjad is being treated at the burn unit of Chittagong Medical College (CMCH) Hospital. Earlier, on November 9, a kilogram of cigarette was burnt in a CNG cylinder explosion on the way to a wedding in a kilometer area of ​​Bahaddarhat area of ​​the city. Among them, Syed Amena Begum, a woman, died while undergoing treatment at Dhaka Medical College Hospital. The situation of another is uncomfortable. On the same day, a microbus cylinder exploded in Banskhali. But luckily the passengers in the microbus survived. On November 1, 4 people died after the cylinder blast in Hathazari brought 5 people to the blast. Earlier, on July 9, a mini-truck cylinder exploded in Banskhali upazila and six people, including a motorcycle rider, were burnt to death by the three people.
According to the burn unit of Chittagong Medical College (CMCH) Hospital, about one and a half patients were admitted to the burn unit last one and a half months. Most of these patients were gas cylinder blasts. Of these, 49 cylinders were injured in the explosion. After admission, after returning home late last month and a half, 92 returned home. And 16 people have died. Earlier, from January to September, 9 8 84 people have come to the Inner Burning Unit for treatment. Among them, 77 people have died. According to the total estimates, 93 people died and burnt to ashes in the last ten months. Most of the 18 people died in January.
Burn A- Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery Unit Rafiq Uddin Ahmed told the daily Muslim times that most of the gas cylinders in the burn unit were being treated at the burn unit in the last one month. We are constantly struggling with these patients. We have only 26 bed beds. But 50 people are still undergoing treatment. By force we are treating them outside.
According to the fire service, there have been many incidents of gas related to various places in Chittagong due to lack of awareness. Agrabad Fire Service Deputy Assistant Director Md. Jasim Uddin He said that due to the use of high quality gas cylinders, these accidents are essentially occurring. Due to some unscrupulous traders, the market has occupied a high quality cylinder. And all the accidents in the vehicles are happening due to the absence of owners and drivers. We asked for training of multiple vehicle associations for the awareness of free drivers. But they are not interested in them.
He said the expired cylinder blast is as bad as a bomb. As a result, accidents are increasing. The risk of cylinder blast is increasing day by day due to non-co-ordination of the concerned institutions and no obligation under the law.
There are allegations, with the high risk of negligence of owners and drivers of the administration and the movement of vehicles, there are hundreds of cylinders in Chittagong streets. Vehicles due to the use of these cylinders and proper maintenance have become risky. Many people using old cylinders using fake certificates.
According to CNG conversion companies, in the last 15 years CNG, bus, truck, private cars, including about one and a half lakh vehicles have been transformed into CNG. According to the rules, the gas cylinders of these vehicles were supposed to be tested for five years, but did not believe that most of the vehicle owners
CNBC conversion organization Intraco CNG conversion manager SM Babul told the daily Muslim times that 80 percent of vehicles transporting vehicles have CNG cylinders installed. After every five years, these vehicles are supposed to be re-tested, but most vehicles do not re-test. In addition, most of the car owners have set up cylinders from the local shops. Most of which do not have the cylinder’s duration. As a result, these accidents occur in bigger accidents.
BRTA Chittagong Divisional Office Deputy Director Shahidulah told the daily Muslim times that most of the car cylinders are being exploded, most of the cars are not valid. Also the cylinders fitted in the vehicle are invalid and expired. Most of the cars that have been blasted CNG cylinders have been illegal so far. Each cylinder has a fixed term But these cylinders are now planted about 10 or 15 years ago. Causing accidents without a re-test certificate, we never test the fitness of the car. We provide fitness certificates to those vehicles which have cylinders. The transformed natural gas companies mainly re-test. Still, we are running a mobile court every day.


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