Weekly income tax fair starts On the first day revenue revenues amounted to Tk 31 crore


Chittagong reporter:
On the first day of the weekly income tax fair, revenue earning in Chittagong amounted to Tk 31 crore. And 19 thousand 712 people and company class taxpayer took service in the fair.
Sub-committee sources said that the first day of the fair, 4,866 returns were deposited in four tax zones, one survey range and large taxpayer unit (LTU) on the first day of the fair. On the contrary, the revenues have been recovered from the amount of Tk. 30 crore 73 lakh 76 thousand 716. On the other hand, new 214 E-TIN issues have been issued. Yesterday no e-TIN re-registration was done. The convener of the information management sub-committee said that 1,880 return recipients have been submitted between 4 thousand 392 taxpayers and service providers under tax zones-1. On the contrary, revenue revenues have been 7.78 million and 25 thousand 677. 489 returns have been filed among 4,331 taxpayers and service providers under tax zones – 2. On the contrary, revenue earning was 76.55 lakh 66 thousand 334 taka. In the tax area-3, 4,623 taxpayers and service providers have returned 997 returns. In contrast, revenue earning has been 7.77 million 55 thousand 784 taka.
Of the 4,122 taxpayers and service providers under tax zones-4, 869 returns have been filed. In contrast to this Revenue income is 7 crore 51 lakh 54 thousand 292 taka.
In the survey range 3, there were 1,084 of the total number of taxpayers and service providers. On the contrary revenue revenues of 1 lakh 52 thousand 659
they also took 11 services under the large taxpayer unit. In the meanwhile, a return has been submitted. Revenue income has been Tk 2,09,970.
Organizers of the fair said they are satisfied with the revenue collection on the first day of the fair. In the rest of the day, more taxpayers will come to the fair
Weekly income tax fair was inaugurated at the GEC Convention on Tuesday morning. Mayor AZM Nasir uddin inaugurated the weekly Income Tax Fair.
According to the organizer of the fair, the income tax return will be submitted in the fair on 2018-19. Registration of new taxpayers and re-registration of current taxpayers will be done in E-TIN registration booth.
Instructions for submitting online return filling, giving ID and password for submission of online returns, as well as submission of income tax at Sonali and Janata Bank booths. There is an opportunity to pay income tax via e-payment. There are help desks to help complete the return.


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